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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Shepherd Sunday In Action

Saw this article in the Winona Daily News from this past Sunday, and also posted at The Cafeteria Is Closed.

Some quotes from the article:

When Winona Bishop Bernard Harrington talks about Kathy Redig, he speaks of her great heart. He regards her as a “great Christian person.” Harrington praises her work as a chaplain at Community Memorial Hospital.

And when he thinks of her upcoming ordination in the Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement — a largely excommunicated group of women ordaining other women to the priesthood — his mood changes. He calls the situation “very, very sad.”

And pauses momentarily.

“She has chosen to make this decision, and I have to respond,” Harrington said. “My responsibility is as a shepherd and to uphold the faith and ensure that the souls are not misled. I have to do what I have to do to act responsibly.”

Before becoming a bishop, Harrington at one time was pastor of St Rene Goupil in the Archdiocese of Detroit. It's wonderful to see him act like a bishop, while at the same time, expressing sadness for this woman's poor decision. I'm sure he's praying for her around the clock, to recognize her sin and return in full communion with the Church.

Later in the article, Bishop Harrington says: “I have to let the Catholic community of this area know what is proper and true . . . This is not a proper ordination by Catholic teaching and tradition. The Catholic community needs to know they need a validly ordained priest."

It seems that the diocese of Winona is in very good hands.

Addendum to the post:

The above article is a follow-up to this one published in the Winona Daily News on Saturday April 13. This woman is in need of a lot of prayers!! Here's one incredible quote: “Take a look around the Mass and those who received the Eucharist — there are probably a lot of Catholics who shouldn’t be there — those who’ve remarried, are gay or voted for John Kerry. If you actually followed all the injunctions of the church, there’d be no one worthy of Mass.”

Actually, none of us are truly worthy to receive Communion. It's only by God's grace that we can receive - and if we're in communion with the Church. Those who are in a state of mortal sin cannot and should not receive communion, dear lady. And unfortunately, you will soon be in that state yourself.

Her last sentence reminds me of the answer given by the Archbishop of Sacramento, when asked by a spokesman of then-Governor Davis of California, who would be in the Church if only those who followed all the Church's teachings attended Mass? The Archbishop responded: "Faithful Catholics." Not perfect Catholics, just faithful ones.