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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inhabitable For Humanity

Talk about dealing with the devil. Life Site News posts a story from Sarasota FL where Planned Parenthood, in order to meet a city ordinance to acquire the necessary permits to build a new abortuary, sold property to Habitat for Humanity for $10. That property would be used to erect a multifamily building, thus fulfilling the requirement that a new PP abortuary location must be in the presence of a residential building.

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian organization, and according to their website, they believe that every human being should have affordable housing, to live in dignity and safety. So how in the world does associating with Planned Parenthood (even if this is just a real estate transaction, as H for H claimed) help them fulfill the "dignity and safety" clause? How does this deal increase the women's dignity, living next to an organization that routinely lies, takes advantage of and damages women? How does this make children safer, being so close to a company that harms children's lives through active promotion of promiscuity and protection of rapists?

Now the deal is still unofficial, so there's time to flood Habitat for Humanity with pleas and demands to walk away from this deal. They need to practice cottagus interruptus here. And if they don't, and the arrangement proceeds, I hope that their call for volunteers goes unanswered, that no company provides the materials for this new home.

No one wants people who are suffering to go without affordable housing - but it cannot be at the expense of the unborn and pregnant women.