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Monday, June 2, 2008

Changing Of The (Really Really) Old Guard

The end of an era. The handing off of the reins.

Use whatever age-old cliche you want to use to describe the change at the top of the old-aged group of dissident Catholics known as Call To Apostasy. As reported in the Chicago Tribune, and posted about by Carl Olson, the founders of Call To Apostasy have stepped down as Co-Executive Directors and are in the process of hiring a replacement.

I was going to apply, but I don't think I can afford the pay cut. Well, that and the fact I'm a white male supportive of the magesterium and all of Church teaching. That would present a slight conflict with the Board of Directors.

But here's a link to the job description, in case any of you gracious readers are interested. The cutoff date for applications was June 1, but I'm sure that in the Spirit of Vatican II, they'll accept late submissions, because when it comes to submitting, these people never get around to doing it. And besides, to not accept resumes and applications at any time would be discriminatory and unfair, which goes against their principles of anti-discrimination and fairness to all.

I'm making a prediction on their new Executive Director. I'm guessing the position will be filled by a same-sex couple, one of whom will be a minority, quite possibly a former religious, in their mid-40's, proficient in Reiki and Healing Touch therapies, with backgrounds in liturgical studies, feminine Biblical exegesis and/or Eastern theological studies. I'm not exactly going out on a limb, am I?

Actually, there should be a vote for their next Executive Director, instead of a private search. Call To Apostasy constantly demands for more democracy in the Church, so by all rights, they should walk the talk. They ought to have a poll on their NextGen blog, with a slate of candidates and room for write-ins, and let their 25,000 members make the selection. There should be campaigns and speeches, and debates among the candidates to prove who is the bigger dissenter and more honest heretic. This is an opportunity for them to show the "institutional" Church how leaders must be selected.

But no, the leaders of this movement have fallen into the bureaucratic trap of believing that they know better, that they're smarter than their members. That the lowly plebes can't be trusted with determining who their leaders should be, that they must be selected rather than elected. Call To Apostasy, in effect, has become that which they have sworn to oppose.

At the next national conference in November, I urge the members to rise up against the hierarchy of Call To Apostasy and form a reform group, to reform the reformers! It's time for a new renewal! Demand accountability, transparency and democracy, because it is evident you are being denied those important values. Members of Call To Apostasy, you are being duped. Stand up now and demand that your voice be heard.