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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hallmark Cards Set To Reap Benefits Of So-Called Gay Marriage

from AP Wire; by Ima Khiddunew

Attention retailers! Prepare now to make room in your greeting card sections!

Hallmark Cards is announcing a new line of greeting cards in response to the California State Supreme Court ruling that so-called gay marriages can proceed. Since Monday June 16, several hundred couples have tied the knot, meaning that traditional anniversary cards, Father's Day and Mother's Day cards and in-law cards will be joined by selections for the special Party A and Party B in some one's life.

Acts of the Apostasy has acquired an exclusive sneak-peek at two of the first offerings in Hallmark's "Alternative Expressions" line of cards.
"To My Party A On Our Anniversary"

"To The Best Party B Ever...On Party B Day"

There are unconfirmed reports coming from Hallmark's headquarters that a message writer was fired for refusing to work on this line of cards due to religious convictions. Another message writer was sent to sensitivity training after penning the following for a "Wedding" card: "God has blest this day..." and the inside message continued with "....too bad you had to ruin it by getting 'married!'"
"We're concerned about the public backlash," announced Peggy Ignatowski, Hallmark Cards spokesperson, when asked if there was fear of boycotts and lost sales. "But we feel it's more important to make these kinds of people feel normal and accepted, by giving them cards that accentuate their unique lifestyle choices."
Ms. Ignatowski was unsure as to when these cards would start appearing in stores, but she was hopeful it would be before the Apocalypse.