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Saturday, June 7, 2008

News Flash!! Vatican III Council Has Been Announced!

Except it's going to be in South Korea. And it wasn't Pope Benedict who announced the council. And orthodox Catholics won't be invited to attend.

Nope, it's none other than excommunicated Archbishop Milingo, who had married into the Moonie movement. As reported in the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, he's announced that the 3rd Vatican Council will commence before the end of the month.

I imagine this has Call To Action furious. I'm sure they were hoping to call the council first, and if their co-executives hadn't retired this past Spring, then who knows? If it weren't for the time and effort being wasted.....I mean spent on finding replacements, they could have beaten Milingo to the punch. Instead, they have to sit back and hope for an invitation to the party, along with Voice of the Faithless, CORPUS, Dignity, The Crones and every other dissident group under the sun.

And just wait - should the MSM gets hold of this, and decide its a newsworthy story, guess which "Catholic" spokespeople will be interviewed. McBrien. Reese. Chittister. And it wouldn't surprise me if they characterize Milingo's move as "bold", "courageous", "thought-provoking" and "this will force Rome to face the issue of priestly celibacy much more urgently." Whereas it's actually "stupid", "sinful", "deceitful" and "will force Rome to face the issue of open defiance much more urgently."

It could be an interesting June.