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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Late in May, the Habitat for Humanity chapter based in Sarasota FL had agreed to purchase some property from Planned Parenthood for $10, enabling the abortion provider to meet ordinance rules and thus pave the way for the construction of an abortuary. I had posted about that here.

It's been reported that after pressure from pro-life groups and individuals, Habitat for Humanity has decided that the investment, as small as it was in dollar value, was too large in terms of damaged reputation and community ill-will. H for H announced yesterday that it has ended its cooperation with Planned Parenthood, thus putting the baby-killing organization back at square one. You can read about it here in a story at Catholic News Agency.

This is awesome news! The power of prayer, publicity and pressure collaborated to prevent, at least for the time being, the Culture of Death from establishing an abortuary in Sarasota. Kudos to American Life League for leading the fight, and also to the Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity for coming to their senses.