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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Catechesis, via Polling III - The Reckoning

(Low off-screen announcer-type voice, various NCR readers actual words, my responses)

"There is a place where reason is suspended..."

"Jesus is stuck in the eucharist and cant get out because the priest put him there?"

"...where reality intersects with fantasy...."

"How can so many be so blind to the abundance of compassion found in that reality. And yet, isn't it an additional grace to read, and hear, and know all of you who make it so."

"...where strange powers..."

"There has to be at least a spiritual community or you are talking some kind of industrial-style magic."

"...and ancient orders..."

"Priests from the Melchisedek priesthood? Or the Salem Priesthood? or the Abramic Priesthood?"

"...hold sway..."

"Many Papal Sandals, Schisms, Splits and Reevaluations of the meaning and establishment of new Rites, Rituals, Dogma and Doctrine."

" man..."

"I'm not a theologian, just a member of the laity..."

"...dares to enter..."

"...I have no clue what you are trying to say."

"...and will reveal..."

"...we have Scripture, the Didache, Sacred Tradition and writings of the early Church Fathers..."

"...the Truth."

"Your reply has nothing to do with the question." "What does this mean exactly?"

"Now playing at the National Catholic Distorter, featuring LarryD of Acts of the Apostasy..."

"Sounds like you have an axe to grind."

"...Catechesis, via Polling III..."

"Thanks for your compliment, but in all fairness..."

"...The Reckoning!"

"....I'm trying to keep the conversation on topic."

The Original Here. The Sequel here.

More fun that a person should be allowed to have. Click on the above link if you want to read the back and forth. Be prepared - herding cats is easier than trying to figure out what some of these writers are trying to say. The writers for The Dick van Dyke Show never wrote anything as funny as some of the NCR readers replies. And these people are serious.