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Monday, September 29, 2008

Read Between The Lines

From Why This Priest Votes For Obama

Writing a bio of Fr Drinan?: "...I have moved my NJVoice to Boston College for a year in order to write a book about Fr. Robert F. Drinan, S.J., the Jesuit priest who served for ten years in the U.S. Congress to oppose the Vietnam war and remove Nixon from office..."

Liberation theology?: "...mid-20th century movements like the worker priests and labor priests, and, later, liberation theology have helped priests and religious orders like mine to understand the degree to which both the prophets and the gospels demand that Christians identify with the poor..."

Belief in the following liberal lie?: "For me this includes laws that would lessen the number of abortions, mostly through social and economic reform (you mean, like FOCA? Really??) rather than by sending women who have aborted to jail."

Yeah, I can understand why this particular priest is proud to be an apostate.
It comes down to this: "Mmmm, good Kool-Aid!!"