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Friday, October 31, 2008

This 'N That

Just a couple thoughts on a Friday....

"This" blog is nearing a milestone that might be passed today - 10,000 total hits (and that was a considerate visitor from the Milwaukee area!). Now I know numbers are relative - some blogs get that many hits an hour, or a day, or a lifetime - but to me, it's significant only in that it shows that people come back hoping that I finally published a post worth reading! I appreciate the faith you have in me! Seriously, though - thanks for stopping in, thanks for the comments and links, and I hope that for however long this thing goes on, I can at the very least not be an occasion of sin to anyone. If in a small way this blog is a source of inspiration or education or humorfication (I learned that from GW Bush!) to anyone, then all the better.

"N That"'s not too late to join the group who are participating in the 3 days of prayer and fasting prior to Tuesday's election. Head over to Redneck Catholic if you decide to do so. Now, for me, it's going to be Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. Others may choose Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and there may even be some who will opt for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I don't think the three day combo is a magesterial or canonical thing. So there's no reason AFAIK to get all Luthered up over which three days a person chooses. The reason I'm skipping over Sunday is because, well, it's a Sunday. When I was growing up, during Lent, our family relaxed the "Acts of Abstinence" for Sunday's, so I guess it's just an ingrained practice. With Sunday being the Lord's Day, commemorative of His Resurrection, it ought to be a day of celebration rather than one of making sacrifice.

....and Happy Halloween everyone! And now I have all this candy in the house, just in time for fasting...{tightening the belt}!