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Monday, November 10, 2008

Apostates-For-Choice Post-Election Press Release

The so-called "Catholics For Choice" are neither Catholic, nor for choice, and they are especially disdainful of Catholics who choose to follow the bishops and true teachings of the Church. They're a despicable bunch.

Catholics for Choice Statement On The US Election and Priorities for the Next President

Washington DC—Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, issued a statement today on the US election results and the priorities for the next president.

“Initial results show that 54% of the Catholic vote went to President-elect Barack Obama. This shows that the majority of Catholics voted their [uniformed and confused] conscience when deciding who should be the next president, and ignored the single-issue dictates of a few bishops [no, that would be the pre-eminent issue of life of more than just a few bishops]who declared that it was unacceptable to vote for him because of his prochoice [anti-life, pro-abortion] position.

“The next administration will have to work hard to repair the damage [unfortunately, it won't be hard, and it will be causing damage, but hey, what's a little political spin when you've already trashed Church teaching, right?] done during the last eight years. Undoubtedly, concerns about America’s economic security and military engagements overseas will garner a great deal of attention. However, the next administration and Congress must also work for [undoing the] advances in reproductive health care in the US and abroad. The priorities include:

1. Providing comprehensive and affordable health care to all Americans. This includes funding for comprehensive sex education and family planning programs that reduce unintended pregnancy and the need for abortion, as well as providing support for women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term. [notice how having the baby is secondary to killing the baby? Sick. And where's the help for the women who regret having had killed their child?]

2. Restoring the United States’ leadership position on women’s rights, international family planning and global development issues. This includes the restoration of the US contribution to UNFPA and the repeal of the Mexico City policy that restricts US funding for foreign NGOs that work on abortion. [That's right! The US only represents 2% of abortions worldwide! We want our leadership restored!! We demand more work on abortion so that we can be #1!! Are these people capable of anything more evil?!? Yep - read on]

3. Working towards an end to the culture wars over abortion and towards an era that respects the right of women to access legal abortion in a timely manner. To that end, we need to restore scientific integrity to federal agencies by appointing qualified personnel to leadership roles and advisory committees irrespective of their personal beliefs about abortion and contraception and by appointing judges who will uphold the long-standing precedent of Roe v. Wade. [in other words, don't appoint anyone with a conscience, because they'll make us feel squeamish. End the pro-life movement once and for all]

4. Respecting the conscience of each American. [except for those Americans that are pro-life. Their consciences don't deserve respect] The next president should remove any refusal clauses affecting federal health programs beyond the traditional exemption for the direct provision of abortion and work to make the equitable provision of reproductive-health services a priority at both the state and federal levels.” [so goodbye conscience clauses for pharmacists, Catholic hospitals, pro-life OB/GYN's, etc.]

It's time the US bishops squashed this organization. They need to be publicly ex-communicated immediately for their non-Catholic anti-life pro-abortion positions. The fact that they are downright gleeful that abortions in this nation and around the world are going to rise as a result of an Obama administration is scandalous to the nth degree.

At the same time, they must also be prayed for (see the previous post on the Rosaries for Life project), because they are enemies of our Lord and of his Church, and they are in need of conversion. That will be difficult, but it is of the utmost necessity. They're doing the work of Satan without even realizing it. They are part of the darkness, and they need the saving light of Christ to bring them back into full union with His Church.