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Monday, November 3, 2008

Truth, Not Pablum

From The Detroit Free Press: (emphasis mine)

Online-only Real Catholic TV offers religion with edge

Balling his right hand into a fist, producer Michael Voris leans into a TV camera inside a Ferndale studio to slam home his point:

"Why do young adults stay from mass in droves?" Voris asked while delivering a taped commentary. "What's missing is bold preaching that challenges young adults. ... The beauty and truth of the Catholic faith has been denied this generation by an older generation ... of hedonistic, immoral egomaniacs with no moral compass."

"People respond to the truth, not pablum," Voris said, banging his pencil on the desk. "And for decades, that's all young adults have been given.

"They've been fed gallons of innocuous, ethereal, kumbaya, arts-and-craft making, God is a rainbow, let's-hold-hands spiritually vacuous nonsense. Don't believe me? Start counting young adults at mass the next time you're there."

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a tingle up my leg!

This is a front-page article, below the fold. And for a religion story, it's pretty good "fair and balanced" coverage.

I had the honor of meeting Michael for the first time last fall when he spoke at our parish's men's group on the Early Church Fathers. He knows the faith, and is very passionate about spreading the Gospel in a full, Fr Corapi-esque style. He's the type of dynamic person much needed in the laity (and the priesthood, too!) who has sacrificed nearly everything to get this online network off the ground, along with his other project, St Michael's Media.

Go to to learn more about this project. Bookmark it. Support it if you can. Pray for its success.

Check out St. Michael's Media, too, if you haven't. They produce a one hour program that airs locally in metro Detroit called The One True Faith, and you can order DVD's of past programs. Excellent stuff.