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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

As If Things In Detroit Weren't Bad Enough

The state of Michigan is at the forefront of the economic maelstrom. 10.6% unemployment rate. Businesses are laying off employees, or closing down. One of the highest rates of foreclosure. Experiencing "brain drain". Not to mention really cruddy roads with car-swallowing potholes.

The Big 3 are teetering on the edge of solvency. The former mayor of Detroit sits in prison, and is now embroiled in a new scandal. And the Detroit Lions went 0-16 this past football season.

Along with all that, AoftheA has learned that a greater, larger danger lurks on the horizon, poised to sweep into Detroit into 2011.

It's the upcoming American Catholic Council.

Yes, scores of dissidents, perhaps a hundred even, are making plans to descend upon Detroit in 2011. They're coming with their walkers and their powerchairs, with their volumes of Rahner, Kosnik and Schillebeecx, with their unopened, unread copies of Vatican II documents to discuss ways to destroy the Church.

What, didn't you get an invite? Neither did I.

The list of ACC members reads like a Who's Who of the Wandering Tribes: Sr Chris Schenk (FutileChurch); Robert Blair Kaiser (TakeBackOurChurch); Aisha Taylor (The CRONES); Pope Joan Chittister; Call-to-Apostasy; Voice of the Faithless; CORPSE (oops, I mean CORPUS).

Their goal: (from their website): After years of dialogue and experience with the often-unrealized reforms set in motion by the Second Vatican Council, the American Catholic Council, a coalition of representatives of organizations, communities and individuals, calls for a representative assembly of the Catholic Church in the United States to consider the state of our Church.

My translation: "After years of not getting their way with the often-imagined reforms set in motion by the Second Vatican Council, the American Catholic Council, a coalition of heretics, dissenters and apostates, calls for a group hug to complain how unfair it is that Pope Benedict is kicking their collective asses."

I'm hoping the new Archbishop of Detroit, newly installed Archbishop Vigneron, eventually tells these Seasoned Schismatics that they're not welcome in the archdiocese, and that they're forced to meet at a Bob Evans or Sign of the Beefcarver rather than any Catholic site.

And why are they waiting two years before meeting? Don't they realize that most of their members may have passed on by then?

I'm keeping an eye on this - it could be fun!