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Monday, March 30, 2009

I Swear!!

Over the weekend, an anonymous visitor left two comments expressing dismay that several recent posts have included coarse and vulgar language, so much so that any increased use would prevent him/her from returning. That would bring about disappointment to him/her, as he/she stated that reading my blog is a source of enjoyment. And the only people I want to not enjoy my blog are the kinds of people I point at and highlight their silly (and wrong) notions of Catholicism. So this is an open letter to that anonymous visitor.

First of all, thanks for reading my blog. Not everyone gets the humor (or, humour for Canadian and English readers!), so I appreciate the compliment that you find my blog funny. I'd hate to lose any readers, seeing as I have so few. The ones that try to get away have a posse sent after them, just so you know.

Secondly, I take your opinion seriously regarding the vulgar language. I just want to make a couple points so that you have a clear understanding where I'm coming from.

On the "I Have Seen The Future" post, which was a total fiction and satirical piece, I sprinkled some obscenities here and there (rather tame ones, I thought) to project the deep sense of frustration at how our country had changed. There are a handful of readers who know me personally, and they know that I strive to refrain from swearing - so for them, I think they would have had an appreciation for how I made myself to appear in the future.

In the "Medium Not So Well" post, I used a common abbreviation that does in fact mean what you believe it to mean. "Who's That Fatty?", right? Well, anyway, looking back, it didn't add anything to the post, while a cleverly developed phrase would have been possibly more effective. My mom always said that resorting to swearing just meant you were too dumb to think of anything intelligent to say. She doesn't read my blog, mind you, but that shouldn't make a difference.

Of course, remember that even Christ employed harsh and strong language at times. Many of the epithets he hurled at the Pharisees were considered vulgar in his day. I'm not saying I'm on a par with Jesus - far from it!! - but if He wrote a blog, mine would probably be funnier, but have way, way less hits.

In conclusion, I take your criticism constructively, and I haven't lost any sleep over your comments. And to verify just how obscenity-free my blog is, I ran AoftheA through a Cuss-o-Meter, and the results are shown below:

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

According to the Cuss-o-Meter site, my blog is more cussless than 99% of the blogs that have been checked out. While it shows that there's room for improvement, I'd say that's pretty dam---er, darn good!