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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calling Dr. LarryD!

It comes as no surprise to parents, regardless of their children's ages, that there are times when we're called upon to play the role of doctor. Heck, some parents are doctors, but that's not the point. You know the routine - bandaging a skinned knee here, checking a temperature there, dispensing medication from time to time. The simple treatments.


I feel compelled to tell all of you that I'm a non-licensed proctologist now. It's an honorary degree (hmmm, where'd we hear about
that lately?) that is officially conferred upon parents when their children reach teenage years.

Just today, I had to perform a cranial anal extraction on my son, explaining to him
yet again that doing homework on time is necessary, good grades are expected, and that his priorities are the wrong priorities if they don't match mine and Mrs LarryD's priorities.

Surgery was a success, and it looks like the patient will enjoy a full recovery.

This time.

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