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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Them Be Fightin' Words

From the California Catholic Daily: Renegade Catholic Advises Priests on How To Fight the Church

Suspended Fresno priest turned gay activist Father Geoffrey Farrow has called for Catholic priests to retaliate against the Knights of Columbus for their support of Proposition 8.

Farrow was removed as pastor from the St. Paul Newman Center at Cal State Fresno in October 2008 for his outspoken defiance of church teaching over Proposition 8 and the issue of homosexuality.

In a post on his personal blog dated June 4, 2009 “Boycott the Knights of Columbus,” Farrow wrote:

“Many priests have E-mailed me and expressed their rage and anger over the hypocrisy of the Catholic hierarchy in supporting anti-marriage equality legislation…One of the organizations, which the bishops have effectively employed to do their dirty work, has been the Knights of Columbus.”

Farrow then asked “So, what can priests do to fight the anti-gay agenda of the bishops and the K of C?” His first suggestion:

“Borrow the full amount against your Knights of Columbus life insurance policy immediately. Take the check and invest the funds with an LGBT friendly fund. Do not pay back the loan.”

Father Farrow recommends that faithful parishioners be denied the proper use of parish facilities. He reminded pastors that they control the content of the weekly parish bulletin. He urged: “Do not let the K of C publish or announce.“ He encouraged pastors not to allow Knights of Columbus events to be held on church property--even if that would mean “creating” a “program” to occupy available time slots at parish facilities:

“Pastors may grant or withhold permission for organizations to use church facilities for their meetings. Most parishes have very tight facility scheduling. Create a program and tell the K of C they need to meet elsewhere.”

So not only does this (ex?) priest actively promote sodomy, he also recommends that priests commit fraud (by defaulting on loans), lie (by "creating" a "program" to occupy parish facilities), and financially support organizations antithetical to Church moral teaching. While putting themselves in financial jeopardy in the process. And this is virtuous how?

Thus it's demonstrated that clinging to sinful behaviors and immoral lifestyles leads to a darkening of one's soul and a beclouding of one's better judgment. This isn't a peaceful boycott being called for - it's downright thuggery and injustice.

One criticism Farrow levels at the K of C is that they spent millions supporting Prop 8, money that could have been spent to help the poor. Well, opponents of Prop 8 spent millions of dollars that could have been donated to the poor - hypocritical b.s. Like I've said before, this issue isn't about equal rights or fairness - it's about forcing people to accept the homosexual lifestyle as normal, which it isn't, and deep down, they know their lifestyle is sinful and abnormal. Their self-loathing has erupted into hatred and violence towards the majority of Americans in general, and the Catholic Church in particular. It's a battle that won't end by peaceful means - and as authentic Christians, we only need to look at history to understand what I mean by that.

This guy's heart is awash with hatred and bitterness - and from checking his blog, it seems he has a loyal group of followers (over 250). It's a shame they're following him instead of Christ.

During this Year For Priests, continue to pray for all priests, especially Fr Farrow. Satan has them in his sights for destruction - and some, unfortunately, are even in his camp.

St John Vianney, pray for us and for all priests!