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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

The day before Thanksgiving can be rather hectic. If you're someone who's hosting a family celebration, you know what I'm talking fact, you shouldn't even be reading this post until Friday. If you're reading this on Wednesday, you're shirking your responsibilities. Get back to work!

Traditionally, the LarryD family celebrates with Mrs LarryD's relatives. We head on over to her aunt's house, and enjoy the festivities with her parents, her siblings and their families, and the cousins and their families too. Her aunt is a phenomenal cook, and insists on providing all the food. We bring along a dessert. Not only do we have the traditional Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings, but Mrs LarryD's aunt also prepares Middle Eastern dishes (they're Chaldean) - like kibbeh, saffron rice, stuffed grape leaves and more. To.die.for.

After the meal, and just before dessert (which is a whole other course in and of itself!), the kids put on a show. Sometimes they tell jokes, or put on an improv skit, or sing a few songs. The Sons of LarryD are planning to play a duet on their band instruments this year - baritone and trombone. They're working on "Louie Louie". I never knew that was a traditional Thanksgiving hymn.

Oh, and we'll probably catch the end of the annual Detroit Lions massacre football game. Some traditions never change, no matter how much I hope they would. Is it too much to ask for the Lions to at least play competitively this year??

Friday will be spent as a day of fasting and abstinence.

On behalf of everyone at AoftheA (Sister Patricia sends her regards - especially to you, Terry!), I wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving. I thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me - faith, family, friends, work, health, America (that last one needs a lot of prayers!) - and I'm especially thankful for the gift of His Son and the church. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

Well, time I should be getting back to my preparations for Thanksgiving. I'm bringing pumpkin pie.