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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's Winner Of The Biased, Brainless and Callous Award

Leave to the liberals at Commonsqueal to ignore the murders of 13 people stationed at Ft. Hood, and focus on feminism, of all things, and spin it about the upcoming LCWR investigation.

From the Commonsqueal blog: The 'New' Feminism?, by Cathleen Kaveny

As I was catching up with the news this week, I came across this account of the police officer--the female police officer who stopped the rampage at Fort Hood in Texas.

And then I read this story of Cardinal Rode admitting that the reason he’s launching an investigation of women’s religious orders is that he wants to combat “a feminist spirit.”

What is “feminism”? The term is notoriously contested.

Is this police officer a self-identified “feminist”–I don’t know. I do know that she has managed to make good, and full, use of the gifts that God gave her–to protect those more vulnerable than she. And I know that anyone, male or female, who puts their life on the line to save other people is a hero.

Will it still be possible to raise girls–women–in the Church who admire that police officer for living out her own unique vocation as a woman -even if it isn’t theirs?

The latest glittering example of abject idiocy posing as journalistic wisdom. Only a liberal Vatican-hating, anti-traditional rag of a magazine could look at the heroic actions of a female police officer and compare them to the lives of women religious - and not just any women religious, but those who will be investigated by the Vatican. But heroism is not standing against the Church doctrine of the all-male priesthood. Heroism is not promoting alternative theologies, denying Christ His unique kingship and necessity for salvation. Heroism is not assisting vulnerable girls through the doors of Planned Parenthood. Heroism is not advocating sexual deviancy. Those are examples of defiance. Obstinacy. Disobedience. Blasphemy. Scandal.

I highly doubt the survivors of this massacre, and the family members who lost loved ones, are thankful for the advances of the feminist movement. They're grateful that a police office did her job, and helped to save lives. For this writer to promote her social agenda in the wake of this attack only shows her bias and lack of compassion. For shame.