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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Here it is. 2010. Does it really feel any different? Have you made your resolutions?

I'm not one who makes resolutions on New Year's Day - "I want to lose 15 pounds"; "I resolve to save more money"; "I am going to reduce my carbon footprint"...okay, that last one is just a joke. But this year may be different.

As last year's calendar is replaced with a new one, a sense of new beginnings and new opportunities breaks open. I think to most people they're just glad the "holiday season" is finally over, or perhaps they're experiencing regretful nostalgia that the hope of Christmas has so quickly dissipated. I sometimes hear people say that - "I wish the feelings of Christmas would last all year long" - well you know what? That's possible, if people just made the conscious choice to make it happen. Perhaps if people made the resolution to be rather than to do - to be the person God created them to be, rather than to do the stuff they think they have to do to be happy, then maybe they wouldn't suffer through the post-holiday crash. And maybe the hope of Christmas would last long beyond the tree is taken down and the decorations are stored away for another year.

So this year, I'm resolving to be the husband, to be the father, to be the disciple that God created me to be. I've heard it said that 'being precedes action' - so the question of "what do I have to do to be a good husband/father/disciple?" has to be preceded by this one: "What does it mean to be a husband/father/disciple?" And the answer to those questions rests in the person of Jesus Christ. And He is found in the Scriptures and in the Church and in His saints.

I like that the Church starts the calendar year with the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. We are reminded that she professed a resolution - her fiat - and kept it. Fulfilled it to the most perfect degree, better than anyone has ever kept a resolution in the history of mankind. "Let it be done according to thy word." Of course, being sinless was a great advantage - and her sinlessness was supplanted with infinite grace - grace that is available to us all the time via the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. The Church, in her wisdom, established this Holy Day of Obligation on the first day of the year, as an opportunity to receive all the graces through the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Savior so that her children can begin the New Year with the power necessary to live a grace-filled life. To keep our resolution to be faithful children of the King. To keep my resolution of being the husband, the father, the disciple that God wants me to be.

And that ought to fill us with Happiness, right?

So Happy New Year to all my readers and followers. May God's grace fill you this day, and every day.