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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out Of The Shadows...

Now that I've been blogging for a couple years - and commenting and lurking on other blogs for some time prior - I feel that it's time to come out of the shadows of quasi-anonymity and step into the half-light of semi-identification.

Yes, my name is Larry, and my last name does start with a 'D'. The last name will still be an initial for the time being - that's one of the rules of the Witness Protection Program, I guess.

Just kidding, just kidding! But as I'm not being paid to do this, and I'm not on the apologist circuit, or contributing to an on-line magazine or publication, there's no reason to divulge my last name right now. Trust me - I do have one! The thing is - if you knew me in real life, you'd call me 'LarryD' anyway.

However, there's no reason why my picture shouldn't be in my AoftheA profile. It's time to replace the "St Lawrence before Emperor Valerianus" avatar with a mug shot portrait.

Your job is to guess which of the following Larry's is me.