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Friday, March 12, 2010

Strange Creatures Of Our World

Welcome to the newest feature at AoftheA, "Strange Creatures Of Our World". I've expanded the scope of AoftheA - I will now from time to time post on some of the wonders of creation. This is an important undertaking, because since anthropogenic global warming is so out of control, hundreds and hundreds of species are being destroyed each day. So, in my own small way, I'm preserving the memory of strange and wondrous beasts, before they disappear from the face of the Earth. Forever.

Today, we'll be looking at bats. DISCLAIMER: If you are squeamish and are afraid of bats, you may want to scroll quickly through this post. There are several photos of bats farther down.

Bats are among the most diverse mammal groups, with around 1000 species worldwide. Yet evolutionists don't have a clue how they could have evolved.

The earliest fossil bats, which evolutionists date at more than 50 million years, are clearly identifiable as bats, with no hint that they have evolved from anything that was not a bat.

Look at just a few of the wonderful features that make up a bat:

  • Most have an amazing echolation (sic) ability to find prey — making it difficult to find a non-bat ancestor that could have produced this ability along with other bat features.
  • They are the only mammals that truly fly — making it difficult to find a non-bat ancestor that could have passed on this ability.
  • They hang upside down — making it difficult to find a non-bat ancestor that did this, let alone produce all the other features that make up a bat.
  • Bats' wings are highly articulated, with more than two dozen independent joints and a thin flexible membrane covering them. The assumption that the bats' unique way of flying came from a gliding squirrel-like animal is now rightly questioned by evolutionists themselves.
(Info from Crystal Clear Creation.)

Here are some pictures of several species of bats:

Indian Fox Bat

Fruit Bat

Lesser Long-nosed Bat

Vampire Bat

Moon Bats