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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Irony

Last month, I posted about a bill in the Virginia legislature that would permit the sale of "Respect Women, Respect Choice" license plates, a move pushed by Planned Parenthood. A delegate proposed an amendment that would shift all proceeds from sales of the plates to a pregnant woman's support group, rather than back to PP. The amendment was approved, and the bill ended up getting passed by the House before moving onto the Senate.

Well, in a rather ironic twist, the Virginia Senate "accidentally killed the bill". So I guess the question is, did PP's "baby" get aborted? has the story: Virginia Senate Committee Accidentally Kills Planned Parenthood License Plate Bill

Richmond, VA ( -- In the world of state legislative politics, pro-life advocates know to expect the unexpected -- and they got just that in the Virginia legislature. A Senate committee wound up voting down a bill that would establish a license plate for the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Last Thursday, members of the Democrat-controlled Senate Transportation Committee considered HB 1108 establishing the license plate with the Trust Women, Respect Choice" slogan.

In the House, lawmakers approved the bill but not before stripping funding from the plates and sending the sales proceeds to a state program providing pregnant women with legitimate help and support.

As Family Foundation president Victoria Cobb tells, the Senate finished its floor business Thursday earlier than the House and committee chair Yvonne Miller went ahead with the hearing on the bill even though its sponsor, Delegate Robert Brink, wasn't in attendance. Also, senators Edd Houck and Harry Blevins were absent.

"A motion was made to amend the bill to redirect sale proceeds back to Planned Parenthood. The vote was close, 7-6, in favor of the amendment," Cobb recalled.

Senator Phil Puckett, a pro-life Democrat, voted with all but one of the Republicans against the amendment. However, Senator John Watkins voted with the Democrats to send the plate money to Planned Parenthood.

"His vote apparently gave Senator Miller a false sense of security. Thinking she had the votes, she proceeded with a vote to pass the amended bill — but Senator Watkins then voted with Senator Puckett and the Republican senators against the bill and the bill failed, 7-6," Cobb said.

"We can imagine the 'Oops' Senator Miller had to say to Delegate Brink as well as the crying coming from Planned Parenthood! However, there's another Planned Parenthood plate bill alive, as part of an omnibus special license plate package in the Senate," Cobb said.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So after the bill is amended to allow proceeds to go back to PP, the bill gets shot down in committee!!

Granted, the battle over the PP license plate isn't over, but this victory makes you want to give a fist pump. Immature? Ahh, so what. Enjoy the sweet irony.