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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Round Of Fauxrdinations

In case you missed it, two more women were ordained ex-communicated this past Saturday.  *Yawn*   Heidi Schlumpf at the National Catholic Distorter wrote about it Monday.

While she was taking notes, Joe King, crack photographer for AoftheA, sneaked into the ceremony and took several photos.

This first one is the fauxrdination procession.  The two ex-communicants are in purple robes. 

Then the bishop arrived to commence the ceremony:

After donning traditional vestments, he invoked the spirit and led the community in prayer into heresy:

Family members celebrated after the two candidates were ordained ex-communicated:

Afterward, fellow ordained ex-communicated priests play-acting women, along with their husbands and wives, put on a revue.  The picture below is from when the group performed "Set Not Your Lamp 'Neath A Bushel, But Let It Burn Brightly O'er Your Head".  According to Joe, everything was going fine until hot wax ignited the girl's hair, but a quick-thinking cast member used their dunce-like bushel cap to douse the fire.

Sounds like a grand time.