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Friday, April 16, 2010

Safe Sex...For Animals?

Gotta hand it to the activists at PETA - they sure can be entertaining, in a wacky, idiotic sorta way.  Their advocacy for animal rights more often than not exceeds socially acceptable standards while at the same time exhibiting a deficiency of intelligence and common sense.

For instance -

From, on 4/15/10:  Dressed as 'Giant Condoms', PETA Activists Promote 'Safe Sex' for Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) dispatched two of its members to a busy intersection in Little Rock, Ark., dressed as “giant condoms” to promote “safe sex” for animals.

“If cats and dogs could wear condoms, millions of animals would be spared from suffering and death,” PETA campaigner Virginia Fort said in a statement.

The PETA activists, decked out as extra-large contraceptives, stood at the intersection of President Clinton Avenue and North Rock Street in Little Rock last Thursday, waving signs that read: “Condoms Won’t Work: Fix Your Cat!” and “Dogs Can’t Use Condoms: Spay and Neuter!”

The funniest thing about this demonstration is that they were standing on a street named for Bill Clinton.  The saddest thing about this demonstration is...the demonstration.  Their parents must be soooo proud.  These folks need to get a life.

Now, I know they're not advocating contraception for animals - but at first glance, doesn't that appear to be the case?  I mean, I wouldn't put it past these folks to suggest it.  Good luck dressing up a Siamese cat or bull mastiff!