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Saturday, July 24, 2010

1st Annual AoftheA "Hot Summer Snark" Contest

What? A contest?

That's right, fans and followers. The Editorial & Creative Staff at AoftheA put their collective heads together and has come up with the 1st Annual AoftheA "Hot Summer Snark" Contest.

It's simple. Let me set the stage for you...

Progressive Catholycs have opened an ice cream parlor to beat the summer heat. What are some of the flavors they serve?

For instance, how about "Sr Joan's Chocolate Chippister Kooky Dough"?

Leave your flavors in the combox. Punalicious, snarknificent, chock-full-of-attitude flavors. There are no real rules - except no vulgarities please! - just use your imagination, include any of the crazy cast of Catholyc characters or their nutty theological ideas. Photoshops are welcome, too. Submit as many as you can think of.

Then, The E & C Staff will select the best one, announce the winner, and award the prize....

...which is a guest post here at the AoftheA. That's right - your chance to be all snarky and satirical and parody-ish on the bigge--, well, most medium-sized stage on the Interwebs. Your opportunity to post on the 2010 Snarkiest Blog. I'm taking a big risk here - putting my rep on the line, leaving myself open to being upstaged by a mere amateur. Which shouldn't be too difficult, but whatever.

You say you don't have a blog of your own? No matter. Oh - and for readers in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's winter time? You're welcome to participate. AoftheA, as everyone knows, is an all-inclusive blog.

So be creative. Have fun. Entries will be accepted until Saturday July 31 and the winner announced on Sunday August 1.