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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Westboro Church Targets....Justin Bieber???

Here's a headline I bet no one saw coming:

From PoliticsDaily: Justin Bieber Joins Lady Gaga as Target of Westboro Baptist Church

Watch out, Justin Bieber, you're a target.

The 16-year old Canadian pop star, who teenagers either undyingly love or massively loathe, has been singled out for protest by the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, just like his top-charting rival Lady Gaga.

When Bieber plays the Sprint Center on Wednesday night in Kansas City, fans can expect to see Westboro Church members holding signs and issuing taunts.
Can you say "jump the shark" moment? I don't ascribe to the Westboro style of preachin' and picketin', - this is the group that regularly protests at funerals for those killed in action, tying it all into the homosexualization of our nation - but this is America, and they have the constitutional right to look like idiots. But Justin Bieber? Really? Puberty will sink his career soon enough, right?

Here's some of the Westboro Church's reasoning for protesting the high pitched warbler:
Bieber is also criticized for performing last Christmas in Washington where "he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama." The group writes, "He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God!"
Oh ho ho! A socialist teeny-bopper conspiracy that will result in Armageddon! Well, I got news for Westboro. Everybody is gonna answer to God someday.

If Justin Bieber deserves any criticism, it's for brain-cringing lyrics. Check out these words of wisdom, from the song "Omaha Mall". Warning! - you will either feel dumber for having read them, or you may become possessed.

Omaha mall (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mall

Omaha mall (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mall
Mall, mall, mall m m mall

Yeah I ball, Omaha mall, 5 feet tall but I still do it all
Yeah I get it in to the Benjamins then I spend it all
at the Omaha mall
Yeah ever in mall mall
We are doing it huge
We are spendin' cash lookin' for some sick shoes
Yeah were at the mall
Yeah we're in my world, world
Yeah we got our shoes and now were lookin' for some
girls, girls

Omaha mall
Yeah this beat rocks now I'm rollin' round the mall
tryna' find a g shock
Yo there's some girls they look good from afar
But you never know at the Omaha mallI've been to LA, New York, I've done it all
But none of it compares to the Omaha mall
Omaha mall (x2)

You know that we ball at the Omaha mall
You know I'm a star (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mall
You know I'm a star (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mall
*Ryan Good*
Omaha mall (x2)
See how we ball at the Omaha mall
Now we're at the food court tryna' get some sparro's?
Hey there Justin, you got a dollar i can borrow?
"Yeah i do!"

Maybe get a burger
A sweet and sour chickenNow I'm walkin' out cause its so finger lickin'
Hey! Girl were ballin' yeah girl were ballin'
What did I just say yeah were Omaha mallin'
Shift my attention now I'm bout to go to the baby gap
Get my lil sister something maybe a sweet baby gap
cap, cap, cap c cap cap cap
(Cap cap cap)

*Justin Bieber*
Omaha mall (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mallOmaha mall (x2)
You know that we ball at the Omaha mall
Mall, mall, mall m m mall mall mall ball b b ball

Pure.evil. Someone call Fr Amorth.

Otherwise, this is Bieber's future: