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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skin Of Iron

From time to time, insulting comments get spewed out and leak into my combox. It comes with the territory of having a blog, and so it is to be expected.

Now, I do have a Comments Policy listed in the sidebar. It isn't much of a policy - basically, it's be nice polite or be gone - and for the most part (about 99% of the time), people leave reasonable and reasoned comments. For that, I am grateful. I may not agree with all of them, but as long as they're not obscenity-laden, they remain in the combox for perpetuity.

As to the remaining 1%...

Listen up. I'm the ninth of ten kids, the fifth of six boys. We ate sarcasm for breakfast, snark for lunch, dished up gibes and jeers for dinner, and if we were well-behaved, we got bowls of barbs topped with chocolate sauce and a maraschino cherry for dessert. In other words, I'm not intimidated by such antics, and am not averse to scooping up verbal waste matter and flinging it back. You know the old saying...if you can't stand the heat....

For the most part, though, my rejoinders merely deflect the insult in a self-deprecating sort of way, making the insulter look like an abject fool.

For instance, just today, a very brave anonymous commenter wrote: "You come across like an angry 12 year old boy who doesn't get his way with his mommy."

To which I responded: "Anon - really? Cos I'm really aiming for the 17 year old deadbeat dropout who can't hold a job. Guess I have to work harder."

Yeah, I know that trolls are better left starved, and their puerile attempts at derision speak volumes about their stunted mental development, but what the heck. It's how I grew up. Perhaps ignoring such comments, or deleting them, is the "higher road". But not nearly as fun.

So for those who think insults will get me all riled up, or curl up into a ball of quivering flesh and beg for mercy - fuggedaboutit. The result will either be a) a nonchalant response or b) a verbal skewering.

All in the name of charity, of course.

And for the record, all of us siblings get along great, and love each other deeply. In a strange sort of way, the way we treated each other growing up kept us grounded and humble. And none of us have mommy issues. Except for maybe my younger brother...he was such a wuss.