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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sr Patricia - Live From Dallas!

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what Sr Patricia Owens O'Flannery has been up to. If her conspicuous absence from the innerwebs has had you worried, rest assured your worrying has been for naught.

(For those of who wondering who Sr Patricia is, you can read her most recent guest post here, and a couple others are here and here.)

I just heard from her - she's participating in the LCWR National Assembly being held in Dallas this week, and apparently having a grand ole time. Which is understandable - nothing says "fun!" like being around 750 dissidents all celebrating the theme of We Are Oppressed By The Big Bad Misogynistic All-Male Hierarchy, right?

Okay, maybe not.

But here's the cool thing - she set up her own Twitter account, and she's been twittering the past couple days. So I thought I'd post some of her tweets, in case you were interested...

(8/10/10) 11:15 AM - Arrived in Dallas. Hot. Glad I packd the chiffon and tank tops.

12:00 PM - At hotel. Where's the #%*& bar?

12:02 PM - Just saw J Chit. She's giving me the 'look'. Ewwww.

12:04 PM - When did every1 get so old???

12:30 PM - Checkd in 2 room - Nice view - can see 'The Pickle' from window. hee hee I said 'Pickle'!

2:00 PM - Conf room is packd! Where's the bar?

2:20 PM - OMG! J Chit is already plasterd and hitting on CORPUS dude. Gross!

5:00 PM - Talks r awful! No prompters.

5:30 PM - Going 2 c "The Expendables" w/ Vicky Rue after dinner. Yeah!

10:15 PM - Gr8 movie! I heart J. Strathan! Whoo-hoo!

(8/11/10) 1:00 AM - Going 2 bed - Texas hold-m w/ LV gurls n I M cleaned out. B*tches!

8:37 AM - overslept & missed yoga. Lit. dance expo in 45 min. oh oh

9:20 AM - L-dance expo starts in 10. Can't find Lady Gaga CD.

9:25 AM - Man from NCR gives me his CD! Yay! Wait - y does he own this CD??

9:55 AM - Standing O for dance! xhaustd! back 2 bed.

1:17 PM - carp! missed lunch. run 2 mickey d's for angus 1/3 pounder & fries.

1:31 PM - J Chit saw me w/ McD's bag. :-( she was jealous, i bet!

4:00 PM - Talks still bad. Smells like nursing home in here 2.

5:15 PM - Food ok 4 dinner. not as good as McD's tho.

5:50 PM - Some1 yelled 'Agnus Dei', n food fight broke out! Our table pwned gurls from Boston w/ creamed corn & tofurkey! MI rules!

9:00 PM - Going out w Dallas gurls 2 Church. Church @ night? y not?

10:00 PM - Wow! Now this is what i call church! rockin!

(8/12/10) 2:25 AM - Made new friends @ church. showd them lit. dance moves, got a new tat. LCWR assy rulz!
Something tells me Sr Patricia is not going to be twittering all that much today. At least she's having a good time, right?