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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post

I'm inflicting my blog on a bunch of unsuspecting victims. I can be so evil at times - I just can't seem to help it! May God have mercy on my soul!

I came across a blog called Elizabeth Esther, via Adoro, who hosts a link-fest thingy called The Saturday Evening Blog Post - you fill out the "Mister Linky" innerweb whatchamacallit, and provide a link back to a post from the previous month you consider your favorite one.

So, after many coin flips, dice rolls and numerous rounds of 'paper-scissors-stone' (ever try doing that by yourself? You end up with a lot of ties) - it's hard to pick just one because every post I write is a favorite - I narrowed it down to the Catholics For C.A.T.H.O.L.I.C.I.S.M. post.

Your assignment, my 202 Faithful Followers, is to click the Saturday Evening Blog Post link and see who else is participating. You may discover some new and interesting blogs - although they won't be nearly as interesting as AoftheA.