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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Quiz For American Catholics

By now, I'm sure you've seen stories and read posts about how US Catholics scored the lowest in a recent religion survey. The most embarrassing result? That only 45% of Catholics answered correctly the question regarding the Eucharist - that the bread and wine truly become the body and blood of Christ (the answer didn't include 'soul and divinity').

Should we be all that surprised? Years of poor inadequate substandard catechesis and the failure of bishops and priests to effectively teach their flocks, and monitor the quality of CCD programs in their dioceses and parishes, have produced such ridiculously uneducated Catholics. They might know that Big Oil is evil, or that Conscience is King, or that being opposed to so-called gay marriage is discrimination, but far too many can't even define the Immaculate Conception, or know the mysteries of the Rosary, or even believe that Mass on Sundays is an obligation.

I've come to the conclusion that the quiz was unfair to today's American Catholic. The questions were too deep, too theologically advanced for their level of understanding and comprehension. Shoot - that was probably too confusing; let me rewrite the preceding sentence. The quiz was really really hard, with long words making them think about something for more than three seconds. Howzat?

Thus, I've come up with a new quiz, a combination of Biblical facts and Catholic teaching, that I feel is better suited for their aptitude. Several "True or False" questions, with most being of the single answer variety. We're told to meet people where they are, and by doing that, we can them draw them up to the place we wish to take them. That's what I tried to do here.

Feel free to cut and paste the questions and quiz the family member or close friend who you suspect might still be Catholic. Then, based on their result, you'll know how much work and effort (and prayer!) it'll take to properly catechize them.

Here we go! (Answers at end)

1) What letter does the word 'Catholic' begin with?

2) What did the Romans use to nail Jesus to the cross?

3) God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses. Moses then gave the Ten Commandments to the Jews. How many commandments did God give the Jews?

4) Sex with a person other than your spouse is okay is you really really like them. True or false?

5) What was the color of the Golden Calf?

6) The Bible is comprised of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Which one came first?

7) Jesus preached against climate change. True or false.

8) What day of the week does Good Friday land on?

9) One of Jesus' miracles was the feeding of the 5,000. How many people ate that day?

10) In what country is Rome, Italy located?

11) Who wrote St Paul's Letter to the Galatians?

12) Moses and the Hebrews wandered in the desert for four decades before entering the Promised Land. How many years were they lost?

13) God is a Democrat. True or false.

14) In Jesus' parable of the lost sheep, a shepherd has 100 sheep, and one goes missing. How many did not go missing?

15) The current Pope is Benedict XVI. How many previous popes named Benedict have there been?

16) Catholics cast their vote for pope every six years. True or false?

17) Who won the 2009 American Idol contest, Kris Allen or Adam Lambert?

18) Jesus is the Son of God, and His mother is Mary. Who's His father?

19) Jesus died, was buried, and was reincarnated on the third day. True or false?

20) (Read this question aloud only once!) You're distributing Eucharist at four consecutive Masses. At the first Mass, 37 people receive in the hand and 12 receive orally. The next week, 41 receive in the hand and 19 receive orally. The following week, 46 receive in the hand and 9 receive orally. On the final Sunday, 42 receive in the hand and 14 receive orally. How old is the Eucharistic Minister?
0 correct - check for a pulse.
1 correct - you watch too much American Idol!
2-5 correct - you know as much as a slightly warm corpse.
6-10 correct - you know as much as a newly baptized infant.
11-15 correct - you know as much as a member of the LCWR.
16-19 correct - you know as much as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden....combined!
20 correct - congratulations! You're smarter than the average American Catholic!

Answers: 1) C 2) Nails 3) 10 4) False 5) Gold 6) O.T. 7) False 8) Friday 9) 5,000 10) Italy 11) St Paul 12) 40 13) False 14) 99 15) 15 16) False 17) Kris Allen 18) God 19) False 20) Really?

Poor Judgement

No matter how messed up stuff gets here in the states, there's always Canada to make us look good by comparison. Although that's no consolation.

From Canadian Laws Restricting Prostitution "Unconstitutional" - Ontario Court
A Superior Court judge ruled on Tuesday that prostitutes should be allowed to freely communicate with customers on the street, conduct their business in their homes or brothels, and hire accountants, drivers and bodyguards, without fear of criminal prosecution.

In her decision Justice Susan Himel stated that Criminal Code laws against keeping a common bawdy house, living on the avails of prostitution and communicating for the purpose of prostitution violated women’s Charter rights to freedom of expression and security of the person.

The case challenging the prostitution laws was brought forward by three Toronto "sex-trade workers" who hired lawyer Alan Young to represent them.

Young argued that the Criminal Code prohibitions prevented prostitutes from having sex with their customers in the safety of their homes or brothels, and prevented them from hiring accountants, drivers and bodyguards who could be charged with living on the avails of prostitution.

Justice Himel suspended her ruling, which is binding only in Ontario, for 30 days to allow the provincial and federal governments to consider the implications of the decision.

What is it with liberal judges? Granted - prostitution is not illegal in Canada. However, public communications of prostitution is. So, you can get laid for money, you just can't advertise for it. So in effect, Judge Himel is saying such unfair business practice places undue burden on the proprietor. After all, for example, if McDonald's can advertise their artery-clogging Angus burgers, why can't a prostitute solicit openly as well? I'm not saying that's what Himel wrote in her decision - it's just how liberals think. If business A has a right to do something, then business B should too, even if business B has a track record of abuse, murder, and injury. Each is likely to give you a disease, so there should be equal opportunity for both to be advertised. Forget for a moment that cigarettes ads have been prohibited from radio and TV for years - because of the harm to one's health - we're talking sex here. Cigarettes bad, sex with strangers for money good.

Note to Justice Himel: Prostitution is bad for women, with or without legal protections. Women are reduced to two-legged pleasure providers, regarded no more than a Playstation with a heartbeat. It seems to me that a more compassionate approach is to go after the men who prey on the women than to allow them to hire bodyguards, who are likely to be just as abusive as the johns and pimps. And I bet that it's not the women who are seeking these protections - it's their pimps who are feeling a squeeze in these tough economic times.

And there's no proof that providing legal protection is a guarantee for safer working conditions for the women. From the same article:
However, reports from these jurisdictions have consistently indicated that the legalization of prostitution has not achieved the expected results.

In 2005, the mayor of Amsterdam admitted that the Dutch experiment to curb abuse by legalizing prostitution in 2000 had failed miserably.

"Almost five years after the lifting of the brothel ban, we have to acknowledge that the aims of the law have not been reached", said Mayor Job Cohen in an NCR report. "Lately we've received more and more signals that abuse still continues."

Police in Amsterdam's infamous red light district were quoted by Dutch media as saying, "We are in the midst of modern slavery." Police said they were hampered in confronting the horrors that are characteristic of the sex trade because prostitution was legal.

In 2005 it was reported that Germany was reconsidering its position on legalized prostitution, made legal there in 2003, after reports that legalization had not really had any benefit for prostitutes, nor had it improved the situation for Germany at large.

Bottom line - the vulnerable are not helped by legal protections or expanded "rights". It never works. There is no way to practice vice virtuously. Prostitution is bad for everybody involved, but mostly the women, on every level - emotionally, spiritually, physically. More often than not, the prostitutes are trapped - like the article said, "modern slavery". Human trafficking.

The solution is not to allow prostitutes access to accountants and open soliciting. The solution is to go after the pimps and johns and purveyors of the flesh trade (heck - throw in the porn producers and strip club owners too - they're more than hip-deep into this smut, after all). The goal is to free the women, not add to their bondage.

In January 2010, prior to the Winter Olympics, the Canadian Bishops issued a Pastoral Letter on Human Trafficking. Here's a portion of what they wrote regarding prostitution:

In a country that considers equality between women and men to be a fundamental value, a country where a majority of citizens are Christians who promote the dignity of each person created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), how can we tolerate prostitution, which is a form of institutionalized violence that destroys the physical, psychological and spiritual integrity of other human beings?

Many avenues exist to help solve this problem. We can support organizations that work with those who are victims of human trafficking, and also ask our governments to set up programs to educate people and to prevent violence against women. To help women break free of prostitution, as they are generally the victims, we must provide concrete assistance: including health care, psychological counselling, detoxification programs, safe housing, decent employment, and spiritual support.

Too bad they didn't call for the end of legalized prostitution, but at least it's something. They need to speak strongly and loudly against this judge's poor judgement as well.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alien Nation

I've noticed several extra-terrestrial and UFO stories in the news as of late.

From the Pope's Astronomer Says he Would Baptize an Alien if it Asked Him

(Sounds like a tongue-in-cheek answer, given that he doesn't believe in extra-terrestrial life, despite his personal feelings on the matter.)

From United Nations to Appoint Alien Ambassador?

(I think this might be a spoof, but even if it's my opinion, I'd rather have Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart handle alien negotiations. His policy? Service revolver at point blank range.)

From ABC News: Air Force Vets Discuss UFO Sightings

(OK. 15 minutes of fame, or something sinister? I opt for the former.)

I don't think it means anything other than that people continue to be fascinated by things Not Of This World - and as our telescopes continue to find evidence of more and more planets out there in the big ol' universe, more and more often the question gets raised: Is there sentient life on other planets?

I don't think there is - when you consider that out of the billions of species on Earth since life appeared here - animal, vegetable, microscopic, etc - and only one is, for all intents and purposes, sentient (that would be us) - an analogy of sorts can be drawn as to the possibility of sentient life on other worlds. It's possible, but highly, highly improbable.

I wonder if Mormons will call dibs on any of those worlds? Y'know, when they die and become a god of another planet.... "I call PSR B1620-26 b!" "Not fair, Kyson! I wanted that one! Mooooommmmm!!"

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I don't buy the cover-ups. I do believe, however, that Satan will use anything to help draw us away from God - so the idea of 'lights in the sky' and 'alien abductions' could have a supernatural origin, manifestations of the Evil One and his demons who conspire to steer folks out of faith and into fear. I'm not saying that people who claim such events haven't experienced something - my contention is that they didn't experience what they think they experienced. As Shakespeare penned many years ago: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

Oh! There are some who think the governments of the world will conspire together and use alien abductions as a cover-up for the Rapture. I know! Everyone knows that aliens love Earth fashion, so the thought that people would be abducted sans clothing is ridiculous.

Of course, my opinions and views might draw some scorn and mockery, but I don't care. UFO's and alien abductions are faith-based, too.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Subscriber Sues NCReporter Due To Orthodox Content

(AoftheAP) A retired liturgist from the diocese of Spokane has filed a lawsuit against the National Catholic Reporter this morning, seeking damages for "mental anguish and physical pain" after having read an article that contained authentic Catholic teaching.

On September 13, Muriel Ougenstatter, 63, fainted after reading a column by Bishop Gumbleton that contained the alleged orthodoxy, and suffered a dislocated hip and mild concussion from her subsequent fall. Her injuries necessitated a eight-day stay in a local hospital, and she will have to undergo several months of rigorous physical therapy.

"It was shocking," Muriel told AoftheA. "What I read was just unsettling. Never in a million years did I ever expect to read such bald-faced truths in the Reporter - I was overwhelmed. They should have printed a disclaimer at the top of the column."

Her lawyer expects the judge to rule in his client's favor. "It's pretty black and white - which is unheard of, considering we're talking about an article printed in the National Catholic Reporter. While I'm not at liberty to discuss the particulars of my client's lawsuit, I can say we are suing for full payment of all medical expenses, damages for mental anguish, and a full reimbursement of her subscription."

The editorial staff of the Reporter issued the following statement: "We reject any claim of orthodoxy being found in our publication, and believe that we will be vindicated in a court of law."

A spokesman for the Reporter would not comment on the case, or the alleged orthodoxy, except to say that their on-staff theologian intends to review the article as soon as she can reach Hans Kung for his opinion on the matter.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Victim Souls Of Our Age

From Portland Catholic Women to Boycott Mass Over Treatment of Women
Jane Rickenbaugh practices sacred dance for Sunday's public protest of the Vatican's treatment of women. Several women who attend St. Andrew Catholic Church are organizing a public witness in the Park Blocks Sunday morning as Portland's response to an Irish woman's call for women to boycott Catholic Mass on Sunday, Sept. 26th.

The above photo is Jane, a victim soul in her own right, during a moment of ecstasy when she learned her protest will be covered by the local news. Because nothing displays True Suffering more than having a reporter interview you about your hurt feelings.

Here's a companion story from the same site: "We've Had Enough" - Portland Catholic Women to Skip Sunday Morning Mass Over Treatment of Women


"One Spirit -- One Call" will unfold at 9:30 a.m. Sunday in the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland. The 90-minute program calls for prayers, a gospel reflection, and a litany of women saints. Organizers say they hope participants will attend Mass on Saturday night or stay downtown for a special noon Mass at the Downtown Chapel.

"This is not a boycott of the Eucharist," Granger says. "It's an opportunity for women to tell their stories, for our voices to be heard."
90-minute program!?! Think of all the poor people that could have been fed in those 90 minutes!

And I guarandarntee you that every single woman saint from their litany would not support this program. They'd be in the Church praying for these ladies.

Organizers of "One Spirit -- One Call" say women's ordination is only one concern on a longer list. Women, they say, do not help determine policy within the Catholic Church and are not allowed to serve as deacons, even though they may be as educated and as experienced as many priests. Women fill a number of secondary roles in parishes, they say, completing many pastoral duties but they are not allowed to preach publicly. The fact that the Vatican is investigating communities of nuns and sisters in the United States is another sore point. Church leaders say the goal of the investigation is to assess how religious orders are fulfilling their stated missions. But critics suspect the point is to determine whether women are following church teachings.

"The images of God and the language we use in liturgy are big issues for me," says Katie Hainley, 31, a member of St. Vincent de Paul parish, also known as the Downtown Chapel. "Our church tradition holds that God is neither male nor female, but God is usually portrayed from a masculine perspective."
Gee, Katie - maybe you should take that up with Jesus, since He taught us to say "Our FATHER"! Get over yourself already. Go out and help the poor and stop making everything about your feelings.

I have to wonder if any of these women would be able to withstand real suffering, should it ever come to our shores. Where people are killed for their beliefs. Where they are forced to worship in secret. Where family members report on each other to the authorities. Where places of worship are routinely burned. Where women and children are kidnapped and turned into slaves. These women are fortunate to belong to a faith and live in a country where such a protest can be legal and safe. They risk nothing, but act as if they've been denied everything. Crazy, what?

(Men of Portland - I'll pray for ya! You're the true victim souls, doncha know.)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Redefining Youth Masses

(AoftheAP) Many parishes have instituted diverse liturgies in an effort to increase attendance and appeal to a wider range of personal tastes. Spanish masses, Life Teen masses, family masses, masses with choirs, seasonal themed masses. Some have reintroduced the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, in response to Pope Benedict's Summorum Pontificum.

Despite the increase of choices, many pastors have found that weekly attendance continues to drop, or at best, barely maintain steady levels. This has caused frustration to rise in rectories and parish offices throughout the country, forcing parish councils and worship committees to come up with new ideas and more creative solutions.

One parish, St Mattress of the Holy Springs in western New York, believes they have the answer. They've put a new twist on an old stand-by - the Youth Mass - by having kids lead the liturgy.

"It's edgy, it's daring, it's bold," said Hayley Ruffington-Smythe, Liturgical Engineer at St Mattress. "But I felt that in order to truly reach out and engage the youth of our parish, this was the only thing we could do. We were losing kids just as they were discovering who they are in their soul, and they were migrating to the edgy, daring and bold services at local evangelical non-denominational communities. Our pastor, Fr. Phlüff, challenged the Worship Committee to come up with a way to reel them back in."

At first, many in the parish were a bit skeptical about having children say Mass. Some felt the children weren't ready for such a responsibility, others objected to the idea of listening to a child give a sermon, and one or two people even questioned whether or not this was permitted by Canon Law.

Their concerns were addressed by the Worship Committee. "We were careful throughout the entire process of which children were deemed 'ready' to say Mass," explained Ruffington-Smythe. "They had to have received their First Communion. Receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, while not a prerequisite, was definitely a plus. And they had to have perfect attendance in school. We felt that that was very important."

And the objection of some adults about hearing the homily delivered by a child? "Well, we solved that issue by allowing adults the option to leave the sanctuary during the Liturgy of the Word, to attend a special 'Adults Liturgy', and then return for the Nicene Creed," Ruffington-Smythe said. "It's been working out well so far."

Father Phlüff liked the change. "Well, for one thing, it's one less Mass for me to celebrate each weekend," he said, chuckling. "But it's been working great so far. More kids have been showing up for the Youth Mass. They like the homilies because they can relate to the issues better, learning the Gospel on a level they can understand. And the Mass is shorter, too, because the kids talk so darn fast."

When asked about how none of the kids have attended seminary or been ordained, Fr. Phlüff waved off the observation. "Most of these kids have attended Catholic school, or at least several years of CCD. In my mind, they know just as much about theology and the teachings of the Church as any run-of-the-mill woman priest, so I don't see a problem."

Still, several parishoners, such as Willametta van Uppedy, aren't happy with the change. "I think they should hold off on young kids celebrating this holy meal until after Rome approves women priests. We are owed that respect because of the centuries of oppression women have experienced at the hands of the Church."

Ruffington-Smythe disregarded the objections. "As a woman, I'm offended with her charge that women are oppressed by the Church. I mean, look at me! I'm a Liturgical Engineer - do I look oppressed to you? I have one of the most powerful positions at this parish, if not the most powerful."

Fr Phlüff looked at this change more pragmatically. "We have a priest shortage, in case some of these folks hadn't noticed. And polls show that the younger Catholics are leaving the Church. This solution takes care of two problems at once."

St. Mattress currently has four child celebrants, who rotate each week. One of the celebrants is Taylor Scruggins, a 12-year old boy entering the 8th grade. At 4'7", he requires a platform behind the altar so that he can be seen by the congregation, as well as a stepstool at the pulpit. He told AoftheA he jumped at the chance to lead the Youth Mass.

"It's fun," he said. "Definitely not boring like when I am in the pew. I like giving the sermon, and handing out bread at Communion. Especially when my friends come up. Although sometimes they make faces at me, trying to get me to laugh. The only thing I don't like is the wine. Yuck."

And there's never a shortage of ideas for sermons, either. "Oh, like last week, I talked about video games, and another time, I talked on 'Why We Have To Eat Our Vegetables Before We Get Dessert'. Y'know, like how we sometimes have to deal with bad stuff before we get to the good stuff."

Fr. Phlüff liked that homily. "Taylor put a good spin on the problem of suffering in a way that reached his peers, in a way that I never could have. Which is ultimately the point, isn't it? Making the Gospel relevant?"

As of now, the parish hasn't been approached by the diocese about the revised Youth Mass, and it's been in place for three months. If the bishop were to request a meeting with Fr. Phlüff, he showed no sign of worry. "I'm not concerned about that. The bishop would approve - he's in favor of creative liturgies anyway. Listen, when you come right down to it, I'm following the words of Jesus. He said 'let the children come to Me'. Well, that's what I'm doing. Letting the children come to Him at the altar."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catholyc Bumper Stickers

I bet if I were to advertise these at the National Catholic Distorter, I could make a ton of money.

I wonder if these would lead to road rage...

Monday, September 20, 2010

There Is No Peace In Greenpeace

Check out this disturbing video produced by Greenpeace - nicked from Moonbattery

Looks like a young version of Satan from Passion of the Christ. Sounds rather threatening and malevolent.

The rest from Moonbattery:

Turning children against their parents while shaping them into venomous miniature maniacs by feeding them a constant diet of malignant lies is nothing new for totalitarians:

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."
- Adolf Hitler

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."
- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

One more apposite quote:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.
- Ronald Reagan

Freedom will not be on the agenda for a generation brainwashed by moonbats.
s/s Creative Minority Reader

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Funny Money

I'm hoping the following is just a worthless waste of time - I really really do.

From Yahoo! News: Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill

The American dollar is in bad need of a makeover. Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$isn Project, we may now have some options.

Organized by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is soliciting ideas for the dollar bill of the future. "Our great 'rival', the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign," the project notes on its website.

Fisher started the project in with the intent of "trying to find a catalyst to restart our economy" he told Fox News. The recent competition is now closed, and voting ends on September 30. "This has touched people's hearts," Fisher said, and "people feel the dollar touches their lives."

The leading vote-getter for this year's competition (pictured below) was submitted by British duo Dowling Duncan, which features a unique vertical design.

You ready for these?

Can you say...unbefreakinlievable? Crazy, absolutely crazy.

Obama's the worst president the US has ever had, he's still in office, and a British design firm thinks he's worthy to show his mug on our money. They must hate America. Oh, and the other four designs aren't all that, either.

Here's my idea - put his face on a new $0 bill. They're made for each other.

It's not our currency that's in need of a makeover - it's Washington. And I can see November from my house...

s/s Gateway Pundit

Talk Like A Pirate Day - The Priesthood

(Today's post is by Captain Malcolm Creed, a former pirate who now crusades for truth and orthodoxy. Last year, he wrote of his conversion.)

Ahoy, me blog-readin' hearties! This be Malcolm Creed, captain o' the schooner Apostate Bane. Me crew an' me sail th' Seven Seas seekin' bilge-suckin' 'eretics in defense of th' right-masted, straight-sailin' Cath'lic Church. Those addled scalawags always bletherin' 'bout - tis a fair mission t' keelhaul the chowder-heads, and show 'em no quarter, that be true.

On this fine day, tho, I rested from me adventures and dropped anchor t' 'tend me mate Pete's ord'nation. Aye, tis a glorious day fer th' Church, gainin' a stalwart defender.

Priests be th' steady crew of the barque of St Peter, arr, no t'ing ever be truer. They pr'vide th' grog an' vittles all Cath'lics need - that be the Blood, Body, Soul an' Di'inity of our Lor' Jesus Christ. They have th' pow'r t' swab th' decks of our souls by absolvin' us o' our sins. An' th' good ones, those who preach th' gospel with fire in their belly, with th' power of a hold full o' powder - they be savin' souls and convictin' sinners.

Some priests, they be spewin' bilge that runs counter t' th' truth, which boils me blood, givin' me cause t' skewer their livers wit' th' point of me cutlass. Or make 'em kiss the gunner's daughter, aye, that I would do if I t'weren't a Christian man. Some want t' be wedded to saucy wenches, castin' off their vows like a bucket o' fish guts. Some say sins be not sins, if they talk of sin at all. Others muddle up th' 'oly Liturgy, an' scuttle sayin' th' black or doin' th' red. Arr, I'd handsomely spill their insides t' show 'em some red an' black, aye I would, or make 'em dance the hempen jig. But it be more profit'ble t' pray for their souls and mebbe speak to their admiral 'bout it...that be th' bishop, I have ye unnerstan'. Let 'im do th' floggin', as that be their right on accoun' of their position.

So pray for all th' priests, not jus' th' faithful ones - they all be sailin' in rough waters, battlin' Davey Jones hisself (I means ol' Beezlebub, aye, I do) ev'ry morn an' night. So stop yer carousin' and canoodlin', get down on yer knees an' roll th' beads fer them, and fer me mate Fr Pete.

Fair winds! An' hearty thanks t' LarryD on accoun' of 'is kindness. He be a fine mate, even tho he be a bit o' a ramshackle landlubber. God bless ye all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Whimsy II

Something matrimonial and merry to jumpstart the weekend.

Complete awesomeness.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Caption Contest #18

(Click here for previous contest winner!)

Leave your captions in the combox! Have fun!


From Anonymous: "You're a hairdresser, sweetheart, not a miracle worker..."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Combox Arguments

I'm only exaggerating...or am I? Depending on which blog you visit, or what the post is about, the discussion sometimes devolves into such back and forth. Which is fun to watch.

Keeping It Rael

Papal visits tend to draw out all sorts of folks from the fringe. We saw it when he went to Africa, and when he came to the United States, too. It's happening now that he is the United Kingdom. I guess these groups figure it's one way of getting recognition and their names in the press - anything related to the Holy Father is bound to get some news coverage.

Here's a story concerning one of the more bizarre groups, who've filed a lawsuit in the British courts against Pope Benedict XVI.

European Raelian Movement sues Pope Benedict XVI

LONDON, Sept. 13 – The European Raelian Movement (ERM) has filed a lawsuit in the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, against Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger. Allegations in the suit include charges of violating international human rights laws, perpetrating genocide by continuing to claim that condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS, and stating that Pope Benedict and the Vatican orchestrated a campaign of disinformation against the business of the ERM after its membership reported on these matters.

The ERM says it can prove its allegations.

“The Vatican has maintained an ongoing campaign against the ERM for years,” said Marcus Wenner, Raelian bishop of the U.K. Raelian Movement. “That campaign was obviously carried out in retaliation for the Movement’s clear stance against pedophilia and the cover-ups rampant within the Catholic Church clergy. And there are several other tenets of Vatican policy the Raelian Movement directly opposes, such as its genocidal position against using condoms in Africa, which results in continued HIV infections, deaths of millions and subsequent orphaning of children.

Forewarning Benedict XVI of the impending suit, the ERM also claimed in its pre-litigation letter that his actions continue to violate international law along with treaties on genocide and those concerning organized sexual abuse and trafficking in children.


Roehr said the Raelian Movement is an atheistic religion founded upon the premise that there is no God. Raelians believe all life on Earth was created many thousands of years ago by advanced extraterrestrial scientists, who were mistaken for gods by our ancestors.

"Atheistic religion"? Isn't that an oxymoron??

I didn't know the Catholic Church had an active campaign to discredit the Raelian movement. Based on what I read at their website, I think they do a pretty good job of self-discrediting, and don't need the help from anybody else, much less the Church. The Raelians are...well, one way to describe them is interesting. Here's info from their website:
The Raelian Movement was founded in 1974, a few months after the encounter between RAEL, its founder, and one of the Elohim, the scientists who created us. Since its founding it has grown steadily and now counts more than 70,000 members in 104 countries and about 170 Guides who lead the activities of the Movement under the direction of the Prophet RAEL.

Raelians come from all walks of life. They have in common a strong desire to make this planet a paradise where Science is a priority and can be freely developed for the benefit of all and where violence is treated as a disease and finally, completely eradicated. They are atheists and practice meditation. They are dreamers and believe in their dreams and this is why they are so active and a subject of significant public and media interest.
"Grown steadily"? 70,000 followers over the last 36 years...that comes to less than 2,000 new followers a year. I suppose that's steady - kind of like how stalactite formation is steady.

And let me see if I have this right. The Raelians are atheists who follow a prophet, and have science as the foundation of their movement, yet can't prove we are created by extraterrestrial beings called Elohim. Got it. Makes sense.

They also believe in geniocracy - which is described as "government of the people, by the people, for the Geniuses." I thought we had that in the US right now, but since I'm not a genius, what the heck do I know?

They have a thing called The Happiness Academy. Here's their promotional video (it has a censored image of a topless woman, just so you know, at about the 1:54 mark):

So, to review: we've been created by a scientific alien race called the Elohim, a "fact" for which there is no proof, in order to be happy. And all the happy geniuses are destined to rule over us happy dummies. Being "happy for no reason" is the nadir of their atheistic religion.

But...but...they've filed this lawsuit against the Holy Father. I mean, they sound upset that the Church has orchestrated a campaign to discredit them, don't they? Perhaps they need to go back to the Happiness Academy and get happy again, or something. It seems their last stay at the funny farm wasn't all that productive.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Florida Catholic Church Reads From Qu'ran

This is not what ecumenism means -

From the CNN Belief Blog: Churches Read From Qu'ran In Face Of Proposed Qu'ran Burning (emphasis mine)

Rev. Larry Reimer’s says there's a simple message at the core of his faith: people have more in common than they have in conflict.

It's one reason he chose to have a passage from the Quran read at the United Church of Gainesville, part of the United Church of Christ, on Sunday.

And he wasn’t alone.

More than 20 religious leaders from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim backgrounds around Gainesville had the same Quran passage read - along with Christian and Hebrew scriptures– at their congregations over the weekend. Local synagogues made it part of their Rosh Hashanah celebrations.

It was a sign of unity after weeks of talk by a Florida pastor who threatened to burn the Muslim holy book on 9-11 but who ultimately cancelled (sic) the event.

There's always at least one screwball who doesn't understand what ecumenism is truly about. And during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (presumably), no less. What a sacrilege.

s/s Pewsitter

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Faithful Catholic Blogger Fashion

Now you know why news anchors sit behind a desk.

And remember - you never know what people are wearing while they blog or leave comments. To be a devout and faithful Catholic blogger, there are some simple fashion rules that ought to be followed, with no exceptions!!! Women must wear skirts or dresses while blogging, and their shoulders ought to be covered, and absolutely no cleavage! Men's beards must not be shorn, and a shirt and tie are required. Priests must wear their clerics on-line, and bishops ought to be wearing their miters. Nuns have to be in full habit, unless they're fauxrdained. That bunch will wear tacky polyester pantsuits no matter what the rules say.

This is all in the Catechism, you know. There are some bloggers out there who believe that these rules can be abrogated. Foolish people.

AoftheA is honored to have been awarded the "Faithful Catholic Blogger Fashion Seal Of Approval". After all, how we dress for others while blogging is just as important as how we address others while blogging. By displaying this button on your blog, then readers will have the assurance of knowing that you are 100% faithful to the dicta of uber-conservative Catholic culturecrats the Catholic Church, and won't be assailed by immodesty while visiting your site.

What Would You Do If The Internet Broke?

I realize asking such a question may be somewhat sacrilegious...

Click to enlarge

What would I do? Wear out my library card, get a job and get to know this woman who's hanging out in my house.

Just kidding - I don't have a library card.

What would you do?

Monday, September 13, 2010

PETA: No More Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

(AoftheAP)An animal-rights activist from southern California has demanded that the Catholic Church force the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to give up their steeds, charging the Quartet of Quietus with animal abuse.

Reggie Tarrion, a 28-year old Long Beach resident and the PETA member (and former Catholic altar boy) who came up with the protest, describes the thrust of this latest demonstration.

"Like, these guys at the end of the world, you know? They're like, being mean to the horses and stuff. Have you ever seen pictures of those horses? They're like, scared and kinda scrawny, and there's one that looks like it's, you know, dead or something."

Traditional art of the Four Horsemen shows each as a different color: red, white, black and pale. The red horse rider is War; white, Pestilence; black, Famine; and pale, Death. Some interpret the pale color of Death's horse as resembling the appearance of a recently-deceased corpse.

One of the most famous depictions is that by Viktor Vasnetsov (below), painted in the late 19th century.

"Look at those horses. You can see the fear in their eyes, you know, and how they're nervous and stuff. Why do they need to have horses anyway, you know?" Tarrion asked. "Why can't they, like, use bikes or Segways, or something?"

A Vatican spokesman declined to comment on PETA's new demand, explaining that they have enough to do "in handling real problems in the Church and the world and don't have time to respond to the ramblings of every insane nutcase."

The Four Horsemen, however, called a press conference to address the call to give up their horses. Famine denied the charges levied at them by Tarrion and PETA.

"Listen, we take good care of the horses. Well, maybe Death doesn't, but let's be honest - he's Death. If you think his horse looks bad, you should see his yard. It's awful."

Pestilence added: "It's like this. We don't know when we're going to be called upon, so it's incumbent on us to be prepared. The horses are well taken care of and not neglected, and they look forward to ushering in the end times."

Despite their claims, Tarrion is undeterred. "There are a lot of, like, Retirement Horse Farms out there, that would, you know, take these horses in a heartbeat. These horses deserve better than to be, like, forced to kill people. It's traumatic for them. It just isn't right."

PETA remains resolved to keeping the pressure on the fearsome foursome. They're recruiting several Hollywood stars to help promote this cause, including the Budweiser Clydesdales, Pokey (Gumby's horse pal), and Gus, the mule who kicked field goals.

The Four Horsemen were unimpressed. "Big whoop," War said. "Any horse can follow a script - but it takes an equine of unequaled skill to gallop across the sky and strike fear in the hearts of sinners. My message to PETA is this: no horses will be harmed in the production of the apocalypse. I can't make the same guarantee for mankind."

Death was less diplomatic. "I look forward to the day when I can crush that greasy-haired tofu-chewing Tarrion kid beneath the fury of my horse's pounding hooves. Muwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Upon being told Death's statement, Tarrion ran to his mom's house and hid in the basement.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weekend Whimsy

Your source of silliness after a long weird week...

I wonder how long it took to train that guy to dance like that!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogger: I'm Burning The NCReporter!

**Welcome, to all those visiting via Fr Z's blog, CMR, and Pro Ecclesia!**

A little-known central Kansas Catholic blogger has announced that he will burn a copy of the National Catholic Reporter on his front lawn on Monday September 13, the Memorial of St John Chrysostom.

Renfrew Dachs, who blogs at 'Orthodachs Review', announced on Labor Day his intention to set fire to the most recent issue of the left-leaning paper. As he wrote on his blog:

"It is time to expose this publication for what it is. It is a heterodox publication that is trying to masquerade as a Catholic publication, seeking to deceive many within the Church."

Dachs' blog and Facebook page, which combined boasts all of 50 followers, has been inundated with hits and friend requests since his statement. He says that the split between supporters and detractors is fairly even.

"I've had people tell me they're coming to attend the burning. A bunch have mailed me copies of the National Catholic Reporter, along with some back issues of Commonweal and America, so I expect a pretty large fire Monday. I've also received a number of nasty emails, too. They're not death threats - pretty much just folks telling me to stop being judgmental, or that I'll harm the environment by increasing my carbon footprint, with all that smoke and stuff."

Dachs said he chose the memorial of St John Chrysostom for this event because the revered Doctor of the Church, whose name means 'Golden Mouth', defended Church teachings throughout his life. "The stuff the NCR publishes, on the total opposite spectrum of what he taught, of what the Church teaches," Dachs said. "Reiki, women priests, gay marriage? I think St John would get in their grill over those positions, so I thought it kinda appropriate."

Dachs' intended action has drawn its fair share of criticism. The editorial staff at the NCR published a scathing column, which said in part: "It is regrettable that a blogger in central Kansas, with a blog with fewer than 50 followers, can make this outrageous and distrustful, disgraceful plan and get the world's attention, and yet we can't even get a link to the Huffington Post."

In the Diocese of Rochester (NY), the plan has sparked outrage.

"It is the duty of Catholycs to react," said Sr Joan Sobala, Pastoral Leader of Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Anne Cluster. "When our holy paper NCR gets burned in public, then there is nothing left. If this happens, I think the first and most important reaction will be that wherever orthodox Catholics are seen, they will be shunned. I mean, we've already done a fair job of that here, but there's more that can, and should, be done."

In addition, groups such as Call-to-Action, Catholics United, Catholics for Choice and the LCWR have all condemned the action.

The LCWR released the following statement: "The Vatican ought to do an Apostolic Visitation on this guy, and see how he likes it. His intolerance and bigotry cannot go unchallenged. It's sad that even in these modern times, a 'rad Trad', Latin-spewing, mantilla-hustling, incense-sniffing bigot can't be tolerant and loving like us."

Fearing the burning could spark additional pro-orthodox Catholic sentiment, Call-to-Action ordered their members around the world to renew their subscriptions to the National Catholic Reporter. The move came a day after Jim FitzGerald, CTA Executive Director spoke with Chris Korzen, director of Catholics United about the matter.

"We both agreed that burning a copy of the NCReporter would undermine our efforts in the US, by bringing attention to our false theology and lack of fidelity to the institutional Church. We recognize that he is "following his conscience", but everyone knows that only counts when you dissent from what the Church says."

Members of the regional chapter of CTA, called Northeast Kansas Catholics for Renewal, plan on assembling across the street from Dachs' house to read aloud portions of the National Catholic Reporter during the burning. They will be joined by two womynpreests who will attempt to perform an exorcism.

Dachs is unfazed by their counter protest. "I plan on blaring Gregorian chant from my pick-up truck stereo," he said. "I won't even hear 'em."

The USCCB has also issued a statement: "We would hope that Renfrew Dachs and his supporters will consider the ramifications of their planned NCR-burning event," they wrote. "The paper's not all bad - John Allen is a fair reporter, and he deserves better."

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has chimed in with her wisdom. "As an ardent and devout Catholic, I find this plan highly offensive. We all know that the NCReporter is full of words, and my favorite word is the Word. So you can see how important this is."

There has been some speculation that Dachs' plan may negatively impact the Holy Father's upcoming trip to the United Kingdom. Vatican spokesman Fr Lombardi, when asked for Pope Benedict's thoughts on the issue, shrugged his shoulders and asked "What's the National Catholic Reporter?"

Dachs remains undeterred. "I've got the Constitution on my side. I have my First Amendment right to free speech. I'm not convinced that backing down is the right thing to do."

Barring a last minute change of heart, there will be a different sort of "heretic burning" in Kansas on Monday. What remains to be seen, is what will rise out of the ashes come Tuesday.

NB - I just have to share this. The sign that a parody has worked - when "Orthodachs Review" gets googled. LOL!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Video: Pro-Lifers Assaulted In Vienna


All the while, the media and the world would have everyone believe it's the pro-life community who's arrogant, violent, dangerous and disrespectful.

It's incredible that despite the video evidence, it's been more than a year and these thugs have not been prosecuted for assault and battery, and theft. I'm no expert on Austrian jurisprudence, but even I sense that that isn't right. Are the laws in Austria that vastly different than here in the US...or is there something else at work here? According to an article in

Dietmar Fischer, executive director of Human Life International (HLI) Austria,...told that Fiala (the abortionist) has influenced laws in favor of abortion on an international scale, and has already won special protection from the Viennese government, which punishes pro-lifers with a €700 fine or six months in prison if they hand out fetal models to abortion-bound women.

"He is one of the worst abortion propagandists," said Fischer, who noted he had recently spoken in the Polish parliament to lobby for abortion there.
Perhaps Fiala has received numerous death threats, which warranted the "special protection" from the government. Presuming that's the case, it seems that the "special protection" puts him outside the law, doesn't it, allowing him to hire and instruct thugs to assault pro-lifers with impunity outside his abortuary?

I gotta hand it to the praying man - he showed incredible restraint and patience in the face of evil. Had he defended himself in any way, he would have been hauled before a judge quicker than you can say "Ach du lieber!" - no bout adoubt it.

May God bless this man, and may justice ultimately be served - hopefully in this life as well as in the next.

s/s Pewsitters

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What, Me Worry?

I am not a worrier. I wasn't always, though. I remember when I was a kid, worrying about a whole slew of things - like, could I really let myself out the window from my second-story bedroom in case of a house fire? What would I do if my parents died? If I keep the closet light on during the night, will it really prevent the monsters lurking beneath my bed from coming out? And what if I die before I ever get to go to Disney World - would I still be happy? Sure, they seem silly now, but back in the day... I suppose it was the result of an over-active imagination.

My mom used to say "95% of stuff you worry about never happens." Well, that was all fine and dandy, but what about that other 5%? Even that paltry amount was enough for me to start wringing my hands.

And you know that Serenity Prayer? "God, grant me the courage to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference"? Pfft. To me, the more I tried to not worry about stuff I couldn't change, the more I worried. It was the old 'Whatever you do, don't think about pink elephants!' game. No matter how hard I tried, my mind focused more keenly on what I struggled to not think about.

Now that I'm all growed up, I can honestly say, by God's grace, that my worrying days are behind me. I can't pinpoint to a specific day or event and declare "That is when I was freed from the captivity of worry!" Like all things spiritual, it's a journey. I reached the point in my faith life sometime ago where I recognized that God is in control, and that He always was. That doesn't mean I'm not responsible for my actions, or that I lack full exercise of my free will. It doesn't mean my life is all peaches and cream - I have my crosses to bear throughout this vale of tears just as everyone else does. It just means I'm trusting God in nearly every aspect of my life.

There's still one thing that I always worry about - it's not cancer, or terrorism, or the economy, or an asteroid strike, or anything like that.

It's wind.

We live on a little lake, so any westerly wind seems to accelerate across it before slamming into our home. If the forecast calls for 20 mile-per-hour winds, it's probably closer to 25. Towering behind our home stands a mix of poplar and evergreen trees - ranging between 40'-50' tall. So when the wind blows...

(View of our backyard - not shown are about 10 more trees to the left)

Whirling around inside my head are back-and-forth arguments as the wind blows -

Rational Me: "These trees have withstood the winds for many years. Chances are good that they will not be snapped in two this time."

Worrying Me: "Ah, yes, then that only means they're past due for being toppled over and sent crashing through the roof."

RM: "But they're healthy and not infested - their roots are deep."

WM: "You see how they're bending over like a giraffe trying to drink from a waterhole? Who cares about the root systems?"

RM: "It'll take more than 20-30 mph winds to knock any of those trees over, you know."

WM: "Yeah, but they're predicting gusts up to 40!"

On and on it goes. And so it happened today - a front has been blowing through Michigan all afternoon, with winds gusting at 40-45 mph. Right now, they've subsided a bit, down to 25-30, but the rustling and creaking still have me on edge. It's silly and pointless - what power do I have over the wind, after all - but for whatever reason, I just can't seem to shake this galeaphobia. When the wind blows like this at night, I have difficulty falling - and staying - asleep.

St Paul, in one of his letters, wrote of how he prayed three times for God to remove a 'thorn from his side', and God refused, telling him that it was for his benefit that he suffer and struggle. Perhaps this is a thorn - my trust in the Lord is not as full and complete as it ought to be, and this worry-wart attitude is manifestation of that reality. God is showing me that I need to trust Him totallly, that even if my worst fears were to materialize, it's all according to His plan.

I'm not worried because of any potential damage our home could suffer - that's why there's homeowner insurance. The inconvenience of repairs, or replacing stuff isn't what preoccupies me. I think what worries me is the helplessness. Part of the hardwiring for husbands and fathers is to protect the family - so perhaps the reason for my worrying is the possibility of physical harm coming upon my wife or sons, should a tree or two poke its head through the shingles, or thrust a few branches through the large windows.

So maybe it's more a case of being concerned rather than being worried. Which makes me feel slightly better. Either way, this is still out of my control. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything I can do about it. One of the great things about being Catholic is that we can call on our Guardian Angels for their assistance. So on nights like these, I pray that, if it be God's will, for each of our angels to stand guard at each corner of our property and protect us. It's worked thus far...

Catholics United Plans To Launch News Business

As reported by CNA:

.- Chris Korzen, Executive Director of Catholics United, told CNA in an e-mail last Friday that his group is getting ready to launch a news organization of its own.

CNA had contacted Korzen to confirm whether or not the organization Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) had gone out of business. Korzen refused to answer any questions about the status of CACG, claiming that CNA has not made clear "what your real motivations are" in asking questions about Catholics United and CACG.

Nevertheless, in his e-mail, Korzen revealed that "Catholics United is moving into the news business."

Korzen did not say when the news business will be launched or how it will be financed, but noted that one of the tasks of the new entity will be "reporting on the activities of CNA and EWTN."

On July 16, Catholics United committed $500,000 to support Catholic Democrats who voted for the health care reform bill; in particular, John Boccieri (OH-16), Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03), Steve Driehaus (OH-01) and Tom Perriello (VA-05.) Perriello, a founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, is a freshman congressman whose election was highly praised by Korzen. After two years of questionable voting on the life issues, Perriello is at risk of loosing his seat to a Republican contender.

Whether the news business will be part of the effort to get key Catholic Democrats re-elected in November, has not been yet clarified. "More to follow on that front," Korzen said in his response to CNA.

Given the plight of news organizations nowadays, I don't expect success for this endeavor. How many sources of anti-Catholic bias and half-truths regarding the Church can the market support? Besides, they'd be competing with America, Commonweal and the National Catholic Distorter. Along with the NY Times, Time, Newsweek, the LA Times....

Who wants to bet that somehow, someway, the invisible hand of George Soros will be involved with the financing of this news business - should it even get off the ground? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If I had to guess (and I will), this news business will have a purely political bent - because Catholics Untied believes that everything is political - even the faith. Especially the faith. Their mantra will be "conscience" - it's the only card in their deck they can play. They can't defend their erroneous positions any other way. Long-standing Church teachings on abortion, artificial contraception and authentic social justice issues are either summarily ignored or minimized, subject to the idolatry commonly referred to as "following one's conscience" - another Catholic principle egregiously misapplied. Thus, the group has no problem encouraging other Catholics to subjugate their faith for the sake of politics - because at their very core, Catholics United isn't Catholic. They're no better than snake oil salesmen of a bygone era - they know what they're selling is worthless, but they have no compunction about profiting from it anyway. Catholics United is the 21st century electorate carpetbagger.

In addition, Catholics United vehemently protested the Susan B Anthony List bus tour held for a week in August. SBA traveled throughout the Midwest, highlighting those Catholic Democrat representatives up for re-election, who voted "yes" on Obamacare, despite the fact the package provides funding for abortion.

Catholics United cannot afford to lose the support they garnered for Obama back in '08, when they tricked uninformed Catholics into believing that a vote for him was consistent with Catholic ethics - and they are determined to help Catholic Democrats keep their seats this fall. Apparently, they believe that starting this news business is the way to go about that.

It is obvious that pro-Obama Catholics United are threatened by CNA, EWTN and the Susan B Anthony List. That's the standard reaction when those who politicize their faith are confronted by the truth. I have a hard time believing that a tough woman of Mother Angelica's stripe, who trusted everything to God's providence, will feel equally threatened by Catholics United, who are all too trusting in Obama's munificence.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Kuato

This is a picture of the Mom with child #6. It's how they do things in Oklahoma. Or so I've been told.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top Ten Surprising Things

The enterprising Adoro tagged me in a new meme - "Top Ten Things I Did That Still Surprise The Hell Out Of Me".

Gosh, I don't know where to begin - my life is just non-stop action, after all. Full of intrigue and excitement.


But here goes - in no particular order.

1) Took the mule tour down into Bryce Canyon National Park - had about seven heart attacks and near-death experiences...or at least it felt that way at the time. Exhilarating and scary.

2) Friends and I raced trains back in college - in other words, jumping across the tracks in front of oncoming freight trains. Yeah, I used to be young and foolish, and hung around with other young and foolish guys. Now I'm just un-young.

3) Climbed to the top of the smokestack at the Michigan State University power plant. In the dark. Had to climb atop the top of the coal conveyor adjacent to the smokestack, ascend that and then step across to reach the catwalk that encircled the stack, about halfway up.

4) Applied to the Eastman School of Music in Rochester NY, but decided to attend college elsewhere.

5) Participated in two MS-150 bike marathons back in the early 90's. 150 miles on a bike over two days to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Thank God for padded bike pants.

6) Went on a hot-air balloon ride.

7) Starred in a high-school play.

8) Saw the sunrise over Haleakala.

9) Witnessed the births of each of my sons.

10) Married a wonderful woman.

Wow - I did a meme! That could go on the list too! Now I'm supposed to tag five other bloggers, so here they are:

Nod at Wynken, Blynken & Nod
TH2 at The Heresy Hunter
Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner
Erin at And Sometimes Tea
SherryTex at Chocolate For Your Brain

Have fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post

I'm inflicting my blog on a bunch of unsuspecting victims. I can be so evil at times - I just can't seem to help it! May God have mercy on my soul!

I came across a blog called Elizabeth Esther, via Adoro, who hosts a link-fest thingy called The Saturday Evening Blog Post - you fill out the "Mister Linky" innerweb whatchamacallit, and provide a link back to a post from the previous month you consider your favorite one.

So, after many coin flips, dice rolls and numerous rounds of 'paper-scissors-stone' (ever try doing that by yourself? You end up with a lot of ties) - it's hard to pick just one because every post I write is a favorite - I narrowed it down to the Catholics For C.A.T.H.O.L.I.C.I.S.M. post.

Your assignment, my 202 Faithful Followers, is to click the Saturday Evening Blog Post link and see who else is participating. You may discover some new and interesting blogs - although they won't be nearly as interesting as AoftheA.

Friday, September 3, 2010


(To the tune of "Lola" by The Kinks)

I stepped into a church down in old Soho
Where they had big screens, bright lights and loud rock and roll-a
R-O-L-L-A Roll-a
She walked up to me and she asked for my stance
On if I believed in the particular choice of Sola
S-O-L-A Sola So-so-la Scriptura

Well I'm not the world's most Biblical guy
But when she asked me that I knew I could not lie
About Sola So-so-so-so Sola
Cos' I know the truth and I understand
That Christ didn't teach that as part of His plan
No not Sola So-so-la Scriptura

Well we drank grape juice and talked all night
Under electric candlelight
She picked up her Bible, put it on her knee
And said dear boy let me make you see
Well I'm not the world's most intelligent guy
But I knew her NIV was still seven books shy -
So no Sola. So-so-so-so Sola
Sola So-so-so-so Sola So-so-la Scriptura

"2 Timothy,
Or Psalm 119!"
I just said "Oh please!"
Then I looked at her and she at me.

Then, by the way, she started to say
That Catholics were unbiblical in every way
Cos of Sola So-so-so-so Sola
I asked real nice if she happened to know
That the early Christians didn't ever believe in no
Sola So-so-so-so Sola So-so-la Scriptura

And if she was sure the Church was wrong
And hasn't ever gotten stuff right all along
Then how could she trust the Bible's inerrancy
Since it's the Church who closed the canon in the fourth century?

Well I'm not the world's most intelligent man
But I know enough to follow the Church's plan
Which ain't Sola
So-so-so-so Sola So-so-la Scriptura
Sola So-so-so-so Sola So-so-la Scriptura

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Down...

...a whole bunch more to go.

From The Catholic Key: Is Catholics In Alliance Kaput?

This blog has had at least a dozen posts on the background and doings of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good over the last couple years, but this may be the last (let’s hope). It appears they are out of business. Let’s consider the evidence:

They’ve had no blog posts since June 10.

They’ve made no tweets since May 12.

They haven’t posted to their own facebook page since May 12.

Their calendar page is blank.

Their staff bio page is blank.

Their media guy, John Gehring, is now working for Faith in Public Life.

But why rely on circumstantial evidence? I decided to just give them a call. The phone number has been disconnected.

I’ve long asserted that CACG was a campaign organization and not a non-partisan advocate of Catholic Social Teaching as many news outfits have gullibly or willfully maintained. With the president elected and health care passed, it looks, for now, like the campaign is over.

Good - one less Catholyc group to confuse issues and lead folks astray. Dissenters never really go away, though. I predict that this group will reconstitute itself in one form or another just as the '12 presidential election season starts up.

s/s to CMR

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breaking News!!!

Ready for this? The Church is behind the push for the New World Order! The End Times are heading our way!! This is it - it's right around the corner! Stay away from the corner!

It all makes so much sense now - the reason why the Church so long ago prevented people from reading the Bible. So what if the illiteracy rate prior to the invention of the Gutenberg press was 97%? That doesn't matter! A team of researchers from the AoftheA Department of Apocalyptic Assessment recently uncovered Vatican documents dating from the mid 15th century that prove without any doubt whatsoever that the End Times are coming, heralded by the installation of the New World Order that the Church is planning to usher in! And then the Rapture, cleverly disguised as "alien abductions" (what, you didn't know about that either?!?)

You read that right. One document quotes a Cardinal as having said "I hate that Gutenberg guy! Now that the people will be able to read Scriptures on their own, they will come to learn of our plans to take over the world in the early 21st century!" Another document gives details to the plot to split the Church into numerous denominations - "we must bide our time wisely, perhaps wait fifty years or so. If we do this right, the break-up will give us perfect cover. Let's keep our eyes open for a scapegoat, maybe a German monk or someone."

You think I'm making this up, just because it hasn't shown up on Spirit Daily? I'm serious - and based on what I just read on another site, it's all beginning to make more and more sense. And you won't believe who's part of The Plan.

Archbishop Chaput. Yep, the dojo of Denver himself.

It turns out that the talk he gave in Slovakia was nothing more than a clever feint, to make us think he's opposed to the secularization sweeping the globe, which will ultimately lead to a New World Order. Which will hurtle us towards the Rapture.

You see, an End Times/Symbologist blogger linked to my post highlighting Archbishop Chaput's talk, dug deep into the talk, and made some startling discoveries and correlations (all links and bold type original):
Acts Of The Apostasy brings us a story about how earlier in the week, Archbishop Charles Chaput gave a speech at the 15th Symposium of the Canon Law Association of Slovakia, entitled "Living Within The Truth: Religious Liberty And Catholic Mission In The New Order of the World", and here are some selected excerpts...

Right off the bat, it's ironic to me because while the Archbishop is correct in his assessment of the current state of the world, he fails to realize (as does the blogger) that the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, and the Pope are, sadly, eager accomplices in this drive to establish a New World Order, or the very thing he says he's trying to prevent.
In addition, reading Daniel 11 reminded me that the coming Antichrist will claim a motto of peace, yet he will take the kingdom by intrigue, which simply means a covert, underhanded scheme, by mystery, or to arouse one's interest (according to The American Heritage Dictionary, 1976). I would go so far as to say that he will be one who is a "smooth talker" who will share a plan that will appeal to nearly everyone. He will flatter people, but Christians who will be made aware of his schemes will recognize them. His actions may seem good, but the core root character of the Antichrist will be evil. To many people, his schemes may actually seem good and innocent. He will be a "man of the people" (at least, at first).
But wait...there's more!!!! I'm excerpting quite a bit here, but these are the points concerning Archbishop Chaput -
It's a shame because A LOT of what this Archbishop said in his speech resonated with me on a deep, personal level. Yet, I'm always mindful (a little suspicious really) of anything besides the Word of God that evokes that kind of visceral response from me because I know that those are PRECISELY the kinds of feelings that our common enemy wants to generate so that he can try to use them to manipulate us if he can.

Bottom line, let's all keep an eye on this (and this man) -- just in case. Why? Well, given what we know from God's Word about the end times, the coming Antichrist, and the False Prophet, I thought it was more than a little eyebrow raising to read about a few more "curious" facts associated with this man.

Charles Chaput was born in Concordia, Kansas. In 1897, Pope Leo XIII founded the Roman Catholic Diocese of Concordia, KS. Right in line with our studies here today, Pope Leo XIII impacted Roman Catholic Mariology, promoted both the rosary and the scapular, issued a record 11 encyclicals on the rosary, approved 2 new Marian scapular, and was the first Pope to fully embrace the concept of Mary as Mediatrix! What are the odds of that!?!

To me more specific, his predecessor, Pope Pius IX, became known as the "Pope of the Immaculate Conception" because of the dogmatization in 1854. Pope Leo XIII, in light of his unprecedented promulgation of the rosary in 11 encyclicals, was called the "Rosary Pope" too. In 11 encyclicals on the rosary, he promulgates Marian devotion. In his encyclical on the 50th anniversary of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, he stresses her role in the redemption of humanity, mentioning Mary as Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix.


Archbishop Chaput was born to Joseph and Marian Helen Chaput. Hmmm...His parents were named "Joseph" and "Mary", huh? That's odd. Oh yeah, his father was a French Canadian who also claimed to be directly descended from King Louis IX too!

See?!? Too many coincidences to NOT BE TRUE!!!! I mean come on, Chaput was born in Concordia, KS! Don't you get it? It's so obvious! Concordia!!

I have to admit, I was rather skeptical about this analysis, ready to chalk it all up to an over-active imagination and seeing a prophecy in every pillowcase, but when he included King Louis IX, that closed the deal for me.

Now that I'm part of the NWO conspiracy - unwittingly and unknowingly at first, but now that I know, there's no turning back - I have to warn you of the consequences should you continue reading AoftheA: you become part of the conspiracy.

Welcome aboard.

p.s. - while I am knocking the guy for his crazy theories, I don't doubt his sincere love for Jesus, and I don't think he's blatantly anti-Catholic. He's just sincerely wrong in his assertions, and misunderstands the true nature and meaning of the Catholic Church - a lot of people do. Such interpretations highlight the importance of allowing the Church to guide us in such matters (even if it means the Church is 'hiding the truth', LOL!), and Her wisdom in not making proclamations on "the signs of the times", and instructing us in the same. We have been in the End Times since Christ's Ascension - and while we are taught to be aware and prepared, we're also taught to work out our salvation and to be found working on the day Christ returns. Plus, such interpretations shows the fallacy in sola scriptura, and the necessity for Sacred Tradition and Magisterial teaching.

Or so we're led to believe....

p.p.s. - just kidding on that last bit.

p.p.p.s. - Or am I?