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Thursday, January 13, 2011

AoftheA Reader Alert!!

Without a doubt, there are countless momentous and critical issues facing us these days - as Americans, as Catholics, as men and women of good will. So much is happening at once, it's like being trapped in a tornado during an earthquake in the middle of a hurricane. It's nearly impossible to stay abreast of current events, or at least maintain some sense of proportion and balance throughout these tumultuous times.

Which makes me somewhat reticent to bring up the following subject. But I would be remiss if I failed to make you aware of a significant development that has far-reaching implications.

It's a subject that impacts every Catholic reading this blog. Without exception.

My dear friends, time is of the essence.

It's time to decide...
...because it's the 2011 Blogger's Choice Awards! You know what to do - click the button and vote for me. And once your there, vote for any other blog you like, too.

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

Not to engage in any vitriolic rhetoric or anything, but if you don't vote for me, I may just have to send out you-know-who to, um, discuss the matter with you.

Jus' saying.

UPDATE: A kind reader also nominated AoftheA for Best Humor Blog - so if you feel inclined to cast a vote for me in that category as well, click the button at the top of the sidebar.

Note - you have to register to vote - which is free and easy. Real easy.