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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Fr. Oprah" Publishes Tell-All

Although, if I may proffer an opinion - I think he's finding the lifestyle of an Episcopalian priest not all that lucrative. And nothing sells like dishing the dirt on a former employer. Jus' saying.

From Miami-Dade Breaking News (emphases mine)
In a controversial book being released Tuesday, Roman Catholic-turned-Episcopal priest Alberto Cutié lashes out against his former church, calling it "misogynistic," ‘‘disconnected'' and an "institution that continues to promote old ideas."

Writing at length for the first time about his fall from the Archdiocese of Miami, Cutié vehemently defends his decision to leave the Catholic church and shares his increasing disenchantment with it over 14 years as a priest.

Cutié and the archdiocese parted ways last year after paparazzi photos surfaced of him kissing his now-wife on the beach -- an act against his celibacy vow that ignited an international media frenzy.

Dilemma: A Priest's Struggle with Faith and Love (Celebra, $25.95) partly elaborates on tales of secret romance that Cutié, 41, had already shared in interviews since his May 2009 reception into Episcopal church. But more revealing are Cutié's words about his former church, one which he strongly defended for years as the archdiocese's most popular representative. He once headed Miami's Catholic radio station, penned an El Nuevo Herald advice column and hosted a popular Telemundo talk show.

Some folks just can't live out of the limelight. Cutié enjoyed so much fame and notoriety as a Catholic priest, that he might be finding the quiet life of a married man and a father just a bit too quiet for his liking. Tough toenails - it's not like anyone forced him to canoodle with his current wife on the beach. He could have remained a priest, if he had wanted to.