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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Choice Is...Ramen Noodles Or Abortion???

The House of Representatives is currently debating the GOP proposal to de-fund Planned Parenthood. This is a good thing. A great thing.

Not only is this a clearly defined stance in defense of the unborn and of exploited women and young girls, it shows with undeniable clarity how seriously unhinged the radical pro-abort crowd is.

Michelle Malkin writes about the proceedings, and includes a seriously deranged statement made by a liberal elected representative, in support of abortion. Ready for this? (bold mine)
Most macabre abortion defense of the night so far: Just a little while ago on the floor (at approx. 9:05pm Eastern), Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore argued that abortion was better for unplanned babies than a life “eating Ramen noodles” or “mayonnaise sandwiches.”

Or, as Lori Ziganto summed it up: “So according to DemRep Moore, there is NO right to life. But there is a right to NO Ramen.”

Nice, huh?

Gwen Moore attended Marquette University, but is not Catholic. Which doesn't matter, really, because I don't think most (amended - ed.) think a fair number of Catholics who teach there aren't all that catholic anyway (for instance, Rev. Bryan Massingale, who I wrote about here, teaches there). Moore got pregnant while as a college student, and kept the baby, raising her while working through school - which is commendable. She did the right thing. Which makes her remark on the floor of the House even more shocking - she's basically saying she made the wrong choice.

Michelle also relays a Jill Stanek remark:
Jill Stanek notes another jaw-dropper from Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “This is not about abortion, this is about saving lives.”
It is impossible to parody these radical pro-aborts.

When it comes to abortion, the supreme sacrament of the Left, its supporters will say just about anything to prevent the slightest restriction or regulation.

Tough. Too bad. When it comes to Planned Parenthood: Defund, not defend.