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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eucharistic Miracle In Michigan?

Interesting story coming out of a Catholic middle school in Jackson, MI.

Whether there was a miracle or not at Jackson Catholic Middle School on Friday must be carefully examined by church leaders.

In what is called “Eucharist adoration,” a large wafer — unleavened bread — about 3 or 4 inches in diameter was blessed by a priest and set on a gold stand, called a luna, in the school chapel.

During the day, as adult volunteers sat near it, a student claimed to see the image of Jesus on the wafer.

Dave Krajewski, a psychotherapist with Crossroads Psychotherapy in Jackson and a Catholic, said he got a call from a friend about 4 p.m. Friday. He went to JCMS, 915 Cooper St., and was among 10 or 20 people squeezed into the chapel to observe the wafer.

The outline of the male figure, Krajewski said, was a red or orange vibrant color. He had long brown hair and looked like he was wearing a robe.

“I left the school not knowing if I had seen a miracle or not,” Krajewski said. “But I’m not ruling it out.”

The Rev. Cecilio Reyna of St. Mary Catholic Church, 120 E. Wesley St., wrote on his blog about being called and driving over to see the wafer.

“I did see what appeared to be the outline of a man's face with some bright spots toward the bottom of the luna. One of the spots where it was glowing,” he wrote on

About 8 p.m. the blessed wafer was moved to St. John Catholic Church, 711 Francis St., for safe keeping. But before it was placed in the tabernacle, it was placed on the altar and several lights were turned on.

The following is from Rev. Reyna's blog:
Friday afternoon, I received a call about an apparent image of our "Lord" in the Eucharistic Host that some of the St. John Elementary School students first noticed this morning during adoration, which was taking place in the middle school's chapel. Keep in mind that it was not one student, but many many students who claimed to see the same image. Later that evening I went to the chapel to see for myself, since the chapel remained open for adoration. I did see what appeared to be the outline of a man's face with some bright spots toward the bottom of the Luna. One of the spots where it was glowing, and one I had seen myself, was the area of the heart in the image. Apparently, the image had faded somewhat, and while I did take a picture, it is not including here.

Bishop Boyea, the head of the Diocese of Lansing, is set to observe the host, and any declaration, I'm sure, won't be forthcoming anytime soon. Still, it's intriguing to say the least.

The photo below was at the MLive site. It's not clear from the article that this was indeed the host.
Stories like this can get sensationalized rather quickly - I'll try to keep track on further developments.