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Saturday, February 5, 2011

European Theologians Ask Rome To Take The Wide Road

This story is evidence of (at least) two things: that the re-evangelization of Europe is desperately needed; and that just because you're a theologian, it doesn't automatically mean you're intelligent.

143 Theologians Call For Women's Ordination, End Of Mandatory Celibacy
More than 140 German, Austrian, and Swiss Catholic theologians have called for a fundamental reform of the Church of Rome that would end the celibacy of priests, it was reported Friday.

In their petition entitled, "The Church 2011: an indispensable renewal," which is accessible via the Internet site of the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, these 143 theologians, mostly teachers in German speaking universities, also call for the ordination of women, and for the Church's acceptance of homosexual partners. They also demand participation of the faithful in the nomination of bishops and an end to the "moral rigidity" of the Church...

Yeah, c'mon Rome, get with it. Taking the narrow road to salvation is too hard. We ought to be traveling on the wide, easy-going road over yonder. Isn't it obvious that we have to use the same strategies employed by the C of E in order to be vibrant and invigorated? After all, it's worked so well for them, right? Right???

I have to shake my head over the people who agree with theologians like these, too, giving them undue validation. Such followers are the kinds of folks who think snakes ought to have bicycles, or that fish need reverse scuba suits so that they can get about on land. At first blush, the ideas sound cool, but once you seriously think about them, you realize how stupid those ideas really are.

Pope Benedict XVI is traveling to Germany in September 2011, which could turn out to be verrrrrry interesting. Hopefully he'll straighten some of these guys out. I'm wondering if his crosier ends up with a few notches or dents in it by the time he returns to Rome...

(sorry for the link to the National Catholic Distorter - the original article is in German. Sometimes you're forced to use what's available, no matter how distasteful.)