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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Reader Asks...


My name is David Nd (sic) I'm 17 years old. My mother and I read your blog regularly and I have a question for you. I like to play video games and was hoping to get you thoughts on: is there anything morally wrong or treacherous about playing world of Warcraft? Thanks you for your thoughts and your time!
David, I'm glad you emailed me. I'm impressed, that as a mere youth of only 17, you are exhibiting wisdom well beyond your years, having made the commitment to read AoftheA on a regular basis. Your faithfulness is to be commended. You have no idea how comforting it is to me, and to most of my readers, that the younger generation can indeed recognize excellence when it sees it; that you're able to navigate your way successfully through the morass and mediocrity that dominates the Internet, finding safe haven in this very modest, extremely humble blog.

It is for people such as yourself that this blog exists; it is for young Catholics like you, eager to stay true to the faith that they have been raised in, willing to sacrifice and struggle against the powers, principalities and lesser quality blogs in order to stay on the narrow path - yes, your email proves that my blog does indeed make a difference in the lives of ordinary people. I always knew that, but it's nice to have it confirmed.

Oh, I do not seek accolades. Nor do I desire recognition, save for the occasional e-mail such as yours, the kind that lets me know that this most humblest of blogs has That's all the compensation this meek and unassuming blogger could ask for.

You're a smart lad, David. Again, thanks for the email - you went out of your way to tell me how much you appreciate my blog, and that means the world to me. If there was any advice that I could impart, any nugget of wisdom that might make the slightest bit of difference, it would be this: keep reading AoftheA.