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Monday, March 7, 2011

Catholic Bloggers' Pet Pictures

So I was surfing the Innerwebs the other night, and I came across photos of some Catholic bloggers with their pets. Imagine that! Some are current, but most are from when they were kids or from several years back. I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

That's a family portrait of Joe from Defend Us In Battle - he lives in Alaska, and apparently, folks in Alaska do wild and crazy stuff. I had no idea there were pythons in Alaska. And see how excited his daughter is!

That's one of Kat from the Crescat when she was a young girl, playing "school" with her pet kitten. Poor thing just didn't understand the importance of an education - and neither did the kitten. This explains why Kat has feline issues to this very day...

That's none other than Terry from Abbey Roads, tickling one of his former cats. Poor guy has to wear gloves in public from now on because of the scarring....

Ahhh, brothers. Here's an old one of Pat and Matt Archbold with their pet dog, who was trying to get at the hamburger Pat had shoved in Matt's underwear. Either that, or Matt was doing a "Coppertone" impersonation...

Here we have a young Fr Erik Richtsteig from Orthometer, shown with his two brothers. This picture explains why he a) loves guns and b) hates cats. He may be smiling on the outside, but the anger is brewing on the inside.

Aww, isn't Cathy_of_Alex, from The Recovering Dissident just the cutest thing? She's giving that injured kitten mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Even from a young age, Cathy demonstrated a deep love for animals, that to this very day, still has that Joan Crawford-ish appeal...

Who else can this be but Adrienne's Corner's own Adrienne and her husband, slumming it at some Rockies ski resort way back when. They loved those dogs, until the ski-lift/leash incident that no one is allowed to talk about...

And this one is of me and Mrs LarryD, shortly after getting married. I really loved my first cat - loved it to death! I figured, everyone does the taxidermy thing. De-boning her and having the local vet school TA's reconstruct her - now that's devotion!

Pictures nicked from Awkward Family Pet Photos