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Thursday, April 7, 2011

83-Year Old Woman Ex-communicates Herself

Let's pray for a Norma Jean Coons moment.

From [my comments in blue]
Adele Jones at 83 enjoys a carefree lifestyle at her independent-living apartment, reading novels in a rocking chair, catching Masses in a chapel down the hallway and scheduling shuttle service for jaunts across San Antonio.

Soon, her life will get a bit hectic.

Today (April 2), she'll be ordained a deacon [no she won't] — and months later a priest [nuh-uh] — in an unsanctioned ceremony that she claims will usher her into the all-male priesthood of the Catholic Church. [her claim is incorrect]

Jones is believed to be the first woman in Texas to take this step and is part of a growing movement by reform-minded Catholics seeking to spark the hierarchy into reconsidering its ban on female ordination. [It's not a "ban" - it's part of the deposit of faith. It's an impossibility - it's like trying to create a square circle.]

The tipping point for Jones came last July when the Vatican suggested female ordination was an offense comparable to pedophilia and punishable by excommunication. [apparently she gets her information from the main-stream media and not the Vatican. The offenses are comparable because they are crimes against the sacraments, not because they are comparable in and of themselves.]

“I am not angry. I'm saddened,” said Jones, once a fundraiser for Catholic Television of San Antonio. “I love my church. ["I love the Church so much, I'm willing to risk Hell!" Reminds me of that old Depeche Mode song "Strangelove"] I have loved it since I was born. But it's sad to see it self-destruct by what it's doing to women.” [It's not self-destructing, but this fauxrdination is ironically helping to divide the Church, not repair it.]

This debate intensified in 2002 when seven women claimed to have been validly ordained aboard a boat on the Danube River as Catholic priests and later were excommunicated.

Today, leaders in this movement report an estimated 120 women worldwide are candidates or already ordained. [And a bunch of us are praying every day for more than half of them - cf. Adopt-a-Priestess Project]

The Catholic Church sees the all-male priesthood as an unchangeable, time-honored custom central to preserving its sacraments and reflecting Jesus' selection of male apostles to head the early expansion of the Christian faith.

It also argues that nuns have been leaders with sizable ministries, and notes women may fill certain posts at parishes and other institutions.

But Jones and like-minded advocates contend rank-and-file Catholics are on their side. [I'll take Christ and His Church over "rank-and-file Catholics" in a fight every day of the week.] In a poll last year by the New York Times, and CBS, 59 percent of U.S. Catholics favored letting women become priests, with 33 percent opposed.


Thank God the New York Times doesn't run the Church.

Another example of someone who claims to love the Church soooooo much, but won't make any attempt to try and understand Her teachings. May God have mercy on her soul, and on the souls of the people who've aided her in getting ex-communicated.