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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Various And Sundry Sunday

In order to save on costs, the BBC celebrated Easter and Christmas at the same time. Does that mean the second Mass was staged, and invalid? Just wondering...

Apparently, Sir Patrick Stewart is not willing to boldly go....

More PC gone mad: some advocates want to eliminate the terms "pet" and "feral". They say it's insulting to the animals. Right. More like these so-called advocates feel guilty about being the dominant species on the planet. My pet cat is on record of wanting to eliminate a few advocates...

It's Divine Mercy Sunday - does your parish commemorate this holy day? Mine doesn't. It's not even mentioned. It's sad that an opportunity for great grace and mercy isn't emphasized for the good of the souls of the parish.

A Federal Appeals Court has opened the doorfor the sanctioned killing of humans. And the servants of Moloch rejoice. During the Divine Mercy Novena, no less - proving that there are no coincidences.

America needs this! And as long as our enemies don't build speeders that can fire tether cables, America would be invincible!!

This story cites an old article, but it's still ridiculously jaw-droppingly crazy: Pinatas are harmful to kids. Yay Nanny State! We luv the Nanny State!

I so want one of these! It's a Segue on steroids.

Okay, episode two of Dr Who Season Six aired last night. As if episode one wasn't wild enough... Three words: Best.aliens.yet. The scope and arc of this season have me pretty geeked up. Any other fans out there with thoughts and reactions? (no spoilers!)