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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dissent Is Powerless

The American Catholic Council meets this weekend in Detroit, right?

From the 6/9/11 Detroit Free Press (emphasis mine):
Calling for more democracy within the Catholic Church, liberal Catholics from around the world are coming to Detroit this weekend for a conference to help revitalize what they say is an archaic institution in need of reform.

Sponsored by the American Catholic Council, an organization of 30 Catholic reform groups across the U.S., the conference is three years in the making and comes on the 35th anniversary of a gathering in Detroit to talk about church reforms led by then-Cardinal John Dearden, the former archbishop of Detroit.


But Catholic leaders warn that the gathering at Cobo Center is not sanctioned by the church, as the 1976 event was.
The council is scheduled to open this evening at 6:00 PM. But then - from today's Detroit Free Press (emphasis mine):
A major malfunction Thursday at the beleaguered Detroit Public Lighting Department knocked out Fire Department phones and power to traffic lights, municipal buildings, courts, schools and the People Mover, prompting fears that traffic snarls, widespread outages and disruptions likely would continue through tonight.


The outages knocked out power to the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Cobo Hall, Detroit Institute of Arts, the People Mover, 36th District Court, Wayne State University, Wayne County Community College District's Downtown Campus and the McNamara Federal Building.

The municipal center won't reopen until Monday, and WSU said its main campus would remain closed today, with classes canceled. Most of the other facilities are likely closed through at least tonight.

The local morning news is reporting that full power downtown may not be restored until Monday.

I know we're not supposed to laugh at the misfortune of others, but...heh...
heh heh heh...
Heh heh hehahahahaahhhaAHAAHAHAHAAAHAA!!!!!.......

UPDATE: Well, it's been reported that as of 2:40 PM EST, power was restored to the Cobo Center. Darn. How much you wanna bet the ACC will claim that this has been the result of Sophia repelling Satan's attack...except they don't believe in Satan.