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Friday, September 2, 2011

Catholyc Chat Acronyms

As most everyone out there knows, commenters and texters and chat-room lurkers use a wide range of well-known acronyms. LOL, BRB, and ROFL are just a few of the most common shorthand acronyms, and there are scads more. Most, unfortunately, are inappropriate for family-friendly blogs and such.

But did you know that Catholycs have their own set of acronyms too? It's true! IWNL2U!*

I've compiled a list of the more common ones -

BRB = "Bless Roy Bourgeios"
LOL = "Lost On Labyrinth"
LMBO = "Love My Barack Obama" or "Laughing My Birkenstocks Off!"
LMAO = "Latin Masses Are Offensive"
WWJD = "What Would Joan Do?"
FWIW = "Father Won't Invite Women!"
OMG = "Oh My Godde"
BTW = "Bless The Womynpreests!" or "Breaking The (stained-glass) Window"
IMHO ="Ignorant Male Hierarchy Opinions"
IIRC = "I'm In (my) Right Conscience" or "Infallibility Is Really Contrived"
AFK = "All For Kung!"
PSA = "Pantsuit Sale Alert!"
ROFL = "Reiki On Friday, Ladies"
ROFLMAO = "Reiki On Friday, Ladies. Meet After Oujia"
AFAIK = "All Faiths Are Identical, Kids"

Now here are some you've probably never seen before -

IFMCUFURS - "I'll Follow My Conscience, You Follow Yours"
IVMCUVURS - "I'll Vote My Conscience, You Vote Yours"
JDSL - "Jesus Didn't Speak Latin"
IDH2G2MES2BAGC - "I Don't Have To Go To Mass Every Sunday To Be A Good Catholic"
FRMcBL2GE - "From Richard McBrien's Lips To Godde's Ears"
DAR2BTP? - "Did Anyone Remember To Bring The Puppets?"
CUIHBTIAHUNO - "See You In Heaven Because There Isn't A Hell, Y'know"
IDNAAB4MAJBTCSS - "I Don't Need An Annulment Before Marrying Again Just Because The Church Says So"
ILUVAMHS - "I Love All Marty Haugen's Songs"
WURSPOP&BI&URSR4G - "Write Your Sins on a Piece Of Paper And Burn It And Your Sins Are Forgiven"

If you've got some to add, leave 'em in the combox.

*I Would Not Lie To You