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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jesus Had A Morphogenic Field!!

And He spread morphic resonance! No, really, it's true! I read about it in the National Catholyc Distorter! It's in an article written by Sharon Abercrombie -
[...] Judy Cannato’s thoughts on morphic resonance from her book The Field of Compassion came to mind.

Now, Rupert Sheldrake’s biological theory that “like attracts like,” would seem to be a Universe away from a Dr. Seuss story, but is it? According to Cannato:

“[G]enetic material alone cannot account for the development of living systems. Sheldrake proposes that systems are surrounded by non-visible fields that carry information or memory from one generation to the next, thus making a new behavior patterns easier to learn. …The human person is a field of energy and information rooted in the body but extending out from the body, interacting with the energy and information of others. None of us is a discreet, separate unit, but an integrated system of interactions and relationships connected to all.”

Cannato suggests that we can alter our energy and information fields by the choices we make…and “can become increasing aware of who we are and how we influence our environment, and that we can and must make choices that are life-giving for all.”

Using the image of the morphogenic field as a template, she says, “we can look at the mission of Jesus. Although he never could have used these words, Jesus was about creating a morphogenic field, one in which love is the standard operating procedure and genuine concern for the other is the behavioral norm.”


I never knew that about Jesus, did you? He didn't come to die for our sins and defeat Death by rising from the grave and start a Church. Nope, He was about creating a morphogenic field...whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. Did He plow it with morphogenic oxen under a morphogenic yoke? What kind of morphogenic crops do you grow in a morphogenic field? Would you be eligible for morphogenic subsidies?

Okay, the stuff about fields and yokes and subsidies was uncalled for. This is serious business, because these fields are the key to our planet's survival. Because the author says so.

Cannato believes that the only way to save the entire planet will come from “a groundswell of compassion that changes destructive systems into life-giving communities in which we all live life to the full.” She holds that such a groundswell would be a sign of the fulfillment of our religious tradition.

Right, because Jesus told the disciples in the Great Transmission: "Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, transmitting your positive fields of energy and information, teaching them to save the planet with good vibrations and life-giving behavioral norms. Peace out, dudes."

Now, Abercrombie asks: Could we be seeing morphogenic fields of action in motion right now?

Unfortunately, no. Morphogenic fields are invisible. You can't see these energy and information fields with the naked eye. Nope - you need special eyewear to detect morphogenic fields. BUT - AoftheA SmartA** Mfg just happens to produce and distribute Morphogenic Field Detection GogglesTM - and with these beauties on, you can observe these energy fields.

So what do these fields look like?

Comparison photos describe them best. First, here's a photo of Sharon Abercrombie, contributor to the "Eco Catholic" column at the Distorter, as seen without the Morphogenic Field Detection GogglesTM:

And here she is as viewed through the Morphogenic Field Detection GogglesTM:


It's inadvisable to use the Morphogenic Field Detection GogglesTM for extended periods of time. Proper use of the goggles will help you to avoid people who display such highly erratic field patterns. I can't emphasize this enough - steer clear! Extended exposure to such fields will suck the common sense out of you, rendering you susceptible to asinine ideas about Catholic theology and the teachings of Jesus Christ.